The Dumpster Fire Suns Fire Coach Earl Watson After Eric Bledsoe Tweets “I Don’t Wanna Be Here”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Phoenix Suns aren’t just winless through three games to start the NBA season; they’re practically hopeless.

Their first loss was record-breakingly futile, losing by 48 points, the biggest loss ever for a season-opening contest. (The victorious Portland Trail Blazers didn’t even suit up their second-best player, C.J. McCollum). 

The Suns’ third loss had a final deficit of 42. The only loss that wasn’t by more than 40 points came against the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom they should be competing to stay out of the Western Conference’s basement.

All that’s to say, Phoenix is a miserable basketball team. Which is probably why point guard Eric Bledsoe, easily their most talented player, wants out. He intimated as much with a tweet on Sunday.

Hours later, they lopped coach Earl Watson off the morbid husk of a basketball team that is the Phoenix Suns.

For Watson’s axing, it was about time. He took the job just over a year after his coaching career began with the Austin Spurs of the D-League. And as recently as his last contest he was still toying with doomed two-center lineups featuring the rangeless Tyson Chandler and the slightly less rangeless Alex Len.

While Bledsoe’s assertion could cost his wallet …

… his departure has been impending for a while now.

The rebuilding team held a healthy Bledsoe out of the final month of 2016-17 in an effort to protect him from injury and keep his trade value high, while also helping their chances at a higher draft pick.

Apparently Bledsoe is tired of waiting for a deal to come. Expect trade offers to start pouring in from across the league, if they weren’t already.