Suns’ Isaiah Canaan Suffers Horrifically Gruesome Leg Injury


(Photo: Getty Images)

Though Gordon Hayward hasn’t hit the NBA hardwood since he landed incorrectly on his leg for a stunning and stomach-churning ankle injury, his name was on the tip of the hoops world’s tongue on Wednesday night when Phoenix Suns guard Isaiah Canaan suffered a similar fate.

In fact, the point guard’s fall looked somehow worse: Canaan’s bone broke through skin and showed itself.

Here it is, but seriously, hide the kids.

And here it is in slow-motion if you’re the type of sicko who demands to see Canaan’s bone.

The incident had teammates and opponents shook.

He suffered a broken ankle. According to ESPN, Canaan handled it like a stone-faced freaking champ:

Team doctor Tom Carter twisted the foot and ankle back into their proper positions and said afterward that Canaan never uttered a word of pain.

“It’s hard for fans and everyone sitting right there, and teammates especially, a guy they battle with every day,” said Suns interim coach Jay Triano after the Suns’ 102-88 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. “It’s their friend on and off the court. I used the timeout to let us say a quick prayer and get us refocused again to keep playing.

“Not much we can do. He was in the hands of our medical staff and we trust they do their job and we had to keep doing ours.”

Soon after, his fellow NBA players began sending out messages of support.

Canaan is to undergo surgery on Thursday. Hayward suffered his injury on opening night and isn’t expected to return this season, so don’t expect to see Canaan back on the floor for a while.