Four $1 Million-Plus Super Bowl Bets Have Been Placed And They’re All On The Eagles


(Photo: Getty Images)

No matter how confident you are in the result of the Super Bowl on Sunday night, you’re probably not as confident (or rich) as the individuals who laid $1 million or more on the game. So far, a reported four such bets have been placed, with the bettors pulling for the Philadelphia Eagles in all cases.

The richest one was placed with MGM Race and Sports: a $3 million wager laid down last week. 

MGM Resorts VP of Race and Sports Jay Rood wouldn’t reveal whether this mammoth bet was placed on the money line or against the spread, but admitted that it had contributed to the casino’s dramatically adjusting their betting lines.

“We took a big bet, we took a $3 million bet. That is obviously why we moved our position. We went down from two dollars on the money line to $1.80 and from 5.5 to 4.5,” Rood told Covers. “We’re still looking to fade our position a little bit. Obviously, if the Eagles win outright, that’s the worst-case scenario.”

Last year, only one confirmed bet of $1 million or more was reported.

William Hill, the bookmaker that took the other three sizable wagers, estimates that 79 percent of their money-line bets are on the Eagles.

“There’s no question we are going to be rooting for the Patriots,” said William Hill sports director Nick Bogdanovich, according to USA Today. “About 90 percent of the time we root against the Patriots, but we need them to win this time for sure.”

ESPN detailed the other three known bets of $1 million or more:

A bettor on Friday at William Hill placed a $1 million money-line bet on the Eagles at +155 odds. If Philadelphia pulls the upset over the New England Patriots, the unnamed bettor would net a $1,550,000 profit.

Earlier in the week, William Hill reported taking a $1.6 million bet on the Eagles +4.5 and another $1 million money-line bet on Philadelphia.

Perhaps the supremely confident Alexa is one of the bettors. We know Amazon’s got the money.