Tai Tuivasa Celebrates UFC 221 Knockout By Chugging A Beer Out Of A Fan’s Shoe

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Who chugs out of a shoe, honestly? Well, Australians, according to Australian UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa.

Over the weekend, Tuivasa won his second fight under the promotion by way of knockout, his specialty—the 24-year-old from Sydney has opened his MMA career with seven consecutive knockout victories.

Cyril Asker became his latest victim, falling at UFC 221 in Perth, Australia.

Tuivasa celebrated by downing a beer out of a fan’s shoe.

He explained later that this act is called a “shoey,” It’s apparently a regular occurrence in Australia, and it’s usually much grosser. Typically, it involves … well, I’ll let him explain it.

At his press conference, the 265-pounder aptly dubbed Bam Bam confirmed the shoey came via a complete stranger’s shoe.

Better a stranger’s new sneaker than a dear friend’s work boot, I say.