Michael Crabtree And Aqib Talib Inspire Massive Brawl Between Raiders And Broncos

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Aqib Talib has made a career out of getting under the skin of the NFL’s biggest and best pass catchers. Last year, Oakland Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree fell victim to the Denver Broncos cornerback’s antics when Talib snatched the chain right off the wideout’s neck.

On Sunday, Talib did it to Crabtree again—while sparking a massive brawl, inspiring teammates of each player to join.

In this video, you can see that Talib snatches Crabtree’s chain clean off, again.

Both players, as well as Raiders guard Gabe Jackson, were ejected following the melee.

A quarter later, Broncos safety Darian Stewart knocked Amari Cooper frozen with this massive hit, and was flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Despite playing without their top two pass cathers, the Raiders would go on to win, 21-14.

“He has just been wearing that gold chain all year; it’s just been growing on me,” Talib said after their spat last season. “I said if he wears that chain in front of me, I’m going to snatch it off. He wore it in front of me, so I had to snatch it off. He started crying to the ref. He didn’t say nothing to me, though.”

Can’t wait until Talib snatches Crabtree’s chain again next year.