The Texans Got Beasted by the Patriots and Their Third-String Quarterback


(Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe Tom Brady's not that good?

Because it seems like it doesn't really matter what quarterback the New England Patriots roll out on the field. After starting out 2-0 behind backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo thanks to a four-game suspension for Brady, the Pats were forced to turn to rookie third-stringer Jacoby Brissett on Thursday thanks to a Garoppolo injury.

No matter.

The Pats won 27-0 anyway. Brissett scored the Pats' first touchdown on a 27-yard run after a faked handoff, the longest touchdown run by a New England quarterback in 40 years.

Yeah, he's got wheels.

Brissett's other numbers won't blow you away—completing 11-of-19 passes for 103 yards, no picks or interceptions, and rushing for 48 yards—but the team's first quarter field goal would have been enough, thanks to his defense holding the Houston Texans to zero points.

New England gashed Houston on the ground, rushing for 185 yards on 39 carries. LeGarrette blunt rammed his way to 105 yards and two scores, including this 41-yarder.

“He handled himself great last week, this week, all week, every day,” head coach Bill Belichick said of Brissett after the win. “He’s done nothing but come in here and work as hard as he possibly can—when we had three quarterbacks—to take his opportunities and learn from the other two guys, when it was him and Jimmy and then this week it was pretty much all him. He’s just a hard working kid that is really dedicated to doing what’s right for the team and trying to improve on anything that you tell him. He just wants to do what the coach tells him to do. I’m glad we have him.”

Couple the performances of Garoppolo and Brissett with Matt Cassel's 11-5 season in 2008, and it would appear that it doesn't matter too much whom the Pats start under center.

Maybe we've been overrating Brady this whole time, and he's just a product of Belichick's brilliance. 

(Just kidding, Pats fans. Please don't kill me.)