Tom Brady Announces He Will Take 4-Game Suspension, DeflateGate Is Dead


(Photo: Getty)

It’s finally over.

After 18 months, Tom Brady declared DeflateGate dead on Friday, to the relief of football fans all around America. Even New England Patriots fans just want to shoot Old Yeller at this point.

Brady took to Facebook to thank those who’ve supported him and to informally announce he will “no longer proceed with the legal process.”

The only option Brady had was to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which could have potentially impacted the Patriots at a crucial point during the season, rather than Tom simply missing the first four games.

Whether or not the four-time Super Bowl champion knows he’s innocent, this was the best course of action because the team can now plan for Brady’s return in Week 5 against the Cleveland Browns, instead of being surprised in Week 13, or even worse, during the playoffs, due to another court decision.

Backup Jimmy Garoppolo will officially get his chance entering his third season in the league. The former college stud out of Eastern Illinois often has difficulty getting rid of the football, but he’s significantly more mobile than Brady (but so are most grandmothers).

There is a silver lining for New England. Teams have just a small sample of information to prepare for Jimmy G, which means head coach Bill Belichick will make sure defenses have no idea what’s coming. Don’t be surprised if the Arizona Cardinals are a bit shocked when the Pats do something ridiculous, like line up in the Wildcat on the first play of the 2016 season.