Ichiro Had A Legendary Reaction When Tom Brady Asked Him For Help

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Ichiro is famed for his tireless work ethic.

Apparently, he works so hard that he hasn’t had much time to take in the NFL since his historic rookie season in 2001.

Fortunately for us, and anyone with the sanity to root against football’s version of the Lannisters, the future Cooperstown inductee’s NFL ignorance resulted in at least one hilarious exchange.

While in spring training with the Marlins in 2017, Ichiro got a request via text from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

His reaction: “Who the f— is Tom Brady?”

The Athletic’s Peter Gammons wouldn’t go on to reveal whether the pair of superstars actually met up, but I’m guessing they didn’t, because Ichiro would have insisted on teaching Brady how to catch.

Ichiro, who transitioned into the Mariners front office this season, enjoys cursing in multuple languages. He traditionally pumped up the American League side ahead of All-Star Games with profanity-laden speeches.

“If you’ve never seen it, it’s definitely something pretty funny,” Justin Morneau said in 2008 of Ichiro’s All-Star Game rants. “It’s hard to explain, the effect it has on everyone. It’s such a tense environment. Everyone’s a little nervous for the game, and then he comes out. He doesn’t say a whole lot the whole time he’s in there, and all of a sudden, the manager gets done with his speech, and he pops off.”

He also became a master of talking trash in Spanish.

“We don’t really have curse words in Japanese, so I like the fact that the Western languages allow me to say things that I otherwise can’t,” he said in 2014.

I’m glad he finally put his favorite words to their intended use: besmirching the Patriots.