Is Bill Belichick Pissed Tom Brady And Rob Gronkowski Skipped OTAs?

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Following a Super Bowl loss and an offseason full of questions, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are working together again.

Brady skipped OTAs to spend time with his family. Oh yeah, and to have a ball selling watches in Monaco.

But the quarterback and star tight end Rob Gronkowski, who also missed OTAs but reportedly worked out with Brady and his controversial trainer, showed up for the team’s mandatory minicamp on Tuesday.

How did the head coach feel about having his two best offensive players back in the fold?

Reporters tried to find out.

They got nowhere.

It’s … it’s glorious. Each dodge of each attempt at drawing out any type of controversy more artful than the last.

Belichick’s curtness has been memed to death, but here we see its function. Particularly with his answer to the first question, “Is it good to have your quarterback here?”

The coach doesn’t touch it, likely because he knows where a simple “yes” will take the line of questioning: “Soo, it was bad when he wasn’t at OTAs then?”

No wonder the organization has managed to dodge genuine controversy and distraction for what feels like forever.