Tom Coughlin Moves Eli Manning to Tears, Leaves Giants Owner Hanging in Final Press Conference

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin held his final press conference on Tuesday, just a day after the two-time Super Bowl champion announced he would step down.

It was a glorious final farewell where Coughlin moved his quarterback Eli Manning to tears and subtly, but not so subtly, gave team president, co-owner and CEO John Mara the cold shoulder before flipping everyone off and storming out (okay, we made that last part up).

Eli had taken much of the blame for Coughlin’s “firing” (he actually resigned, but the organization clearly didn’t want him back). But Coughlin was quick to dismiss that idea and complimented Manning saying, “He’s everything you’d want a son to be.”

Good luck not crying through that video Giants fans.

When Coughlin’s speech was over, he stepped off the podium and swiftly walked by Mara before he could even reach for a handshake.

That’s the kind of look you give the DMV clerk after he tells you to make a second appointment.

Hopefully this won’t be Coughlin’s last gig. It would be fascinating to see what he would do with another team.

Watch Coughlin’s full press conference below: