Tony Ferguson To Conor McGregor: “You Can’t Run Away”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Tony Ferguson claimed the UFC interim lightweight belt a week ago. Now he wants to fight Conor McGregor and scratch “interim” from his title.

The 33-year-old has been vocal about his desire to fight McGregor, whose last fight was a boxing match against legend Floyd Mayweather in August.

Ferguson has been calling for the fight since his victory over Kevin Lee at UFC 216.

On Saturday, he finally got a (Grand Theft Auto-themed) response from McGregor.

Ferguson came over the top to reply, continuing the GTA motif and including the A Flock of Seagulls hit “I Ran (So Far Away)” that’s featured in the game.

Then Ferguson, aka “El Cucuy,” told TMZ that McGregor is “absolutely” scared of him after the Irishman’s dalliance with boxing.

“There’s nobody else in line,” Ferguson said. “You can’t run away.”

Btu according to UFC light heavyweight champion and Fox analyst Daniel Cormier, McGregor has nothing to be scared of.

“I think he’s really good. I think his cardio and pace are fantastic. I believe he makes some mistakes that would really cost him against Conor,” Cormier recently told the Talk and Talker podcast. “Oh my goodness, do you see how high he’s holding his chin up when he’s throwing punches. You do that against McGregor, you’re getting sniped. You’re getting sniped!”

Ferguson is known to absorb shots to land punches of his own. He’s never been bested via strikes in his 23-3 career.

“When Conor hits you with a clean shot, it doesn’t affect people like most people’s big shots affect people. It sends you f**king skating on ice,” Cormier added. “It turns you into a baby deer, when they can’t stand up and they’re f**king shaking and sh*t.

“You just can’t let him hit you like that, but I think because of the way Tony fights, he kinda hangs his chin up there. That’ll make it so dangerous for him because McGregor is so accurate, so fast.”