Tottenham Hotspur FC Fan Pees In A Cup, Throws It At Crowd

Joe Welkie
Tottenham fan
(Photo: Tottenham fan)

There are no fans in the world like soccer fans, and after seeing this video, you’ll believe there are no fans in the world like Tottenham Hotspur FC fans. Believe me, you don’t want fans in the world like a Tottenham fan. Apparently, they are huge jerks.

For instance, during a match between Tottenham and West Ham United, one Tottenham fan decided to whip out his wiener, pee in a cup, and hurl it toward other people in attendance at the game. Who the f**k does that?!

I hope they find this guy and arrest him. That’s absolutely disgusting and should not be tolerated. Maybe this is why soccer has never caught on in America. But then again, we have our own issues …