Officials Miss 2 Blatant Fumbles In Just The First Half Of The NFL Playoffs

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Travis Kelce thought he could stand on his own after sustaining a helmet-to-helmet hit from Tennessee Titans safety Johnathan Cyprien in the opening game of the NFL playoffs.

He was wrong.

Kelce got wobbly and nearly fell before being caught by his Kansas City Chiefs teammates.

The brutal hit sent the Chiefs tight end to the locker room, due to a change in the NFL’s ineffective concussion protocol.

A helmet-to-helmet penalty wasn’t called as Kelce had become a ball carrier rather than a defenseless receiver, fortunately for the Titans. Unfortunately for Tennessee, Kelce most definitely fumbled before hitting the ground, and their subsequent recovery wouldn’t count. 

With less than two minutes remaining in the half, whether or not to resort to an official review is a decision handed down by the league office in New York. Conveniently, their not reviewing a blatant fumble resulted in fans’ not having rewatch, over and over, a vicious, likely concussion-inducing hit.

It wasn’t even the first fumble erased by officiating incompetence in the opening half of the NFL playoffs.

Just a minute earlier, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota lost control of the football after getting blown up by Derrick Johnson.

The play could not be reviewed, as crew chief Jeff Triplette had blown his whistle and had ruled Mariota’s forward progress had been stopped, a decision that baffled former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira.

As it did three-time All-Pro Charles Woodson.

Great start to the playoffs, NFL officials.

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