ESPN Analyst Trent Dilfer Tweets Denial of Link Between Football and CTE

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

While the world mocked Larry Fedora for his inability to comprehend the link between football and concussions despite such proximity to both, Trent Dilfer was nodding his shiny, amoebic head in agreement.

If you ever want to know where to stand on an issue, ask the retired quarterback and current ESPN football analyst what he thinks, then do the opposite.

This is the same guy who told Colin Kaepernick to “be quiet and sit in the shadows.”

The same guy who patted himself on the back for not doing everything he could to end childhood slavery.

The same guy who came to this realization after 42 years on the planet:

And the same guy who, in 2014, claimed the Patriots weren’t trying to win Super Bowls anymore.

You know, a colossal moron.

So his stance on climate change, which he revealed following his Thursday tweet, shouldn’t be all that surprising — it’s the classic “I know everyone who’s dedicated their lives to knowing this sort of thing disagrees with me, but I’ve been cold before and that discounts scientific consensus” position.

He’s not a scientist, but he did get his brain turned to mush professionally for 14 years.