The Whiney Twins Are Pissed The Orioles Tried To Beat Them

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Minnesota Twins apparently fumed in the clubhouse following their 7-0 pounding of the Baltimore Orioles on Sunday; the sullen Twins’ opponents had displayed the audacity to try and beat them in a game of baseball.

With Minnesota starter Jose Berrios two outs from completing a one-hit shutout, 23-year-old Orioles catcher Chance Sisco beat a massive shift with an expertly placed bunt.

Berrios then walked Chris Davis and surrendered a single to Manny Machado before closing the door on his first career complete game.

But after the game, no fewer than three members of the Twins clubhouse complained of Sisco’s attempt to do his job, citing some “unwritten rules” BS.

The Twins are so in the wrong here it’s hard to know where to begin: It’s not like Berrios had a perfect game or a no-hitter going, not that that should really matter either; It’s Sisco’s job to try to beat the Twins; Minnesota’s Byron Buxton broke another of the dumb unwritten rules when he stole second base up 6-0; Sisco’s maneuver sparked a rally that loaded the bases, putting Baltimore one swing away from turning the game into a save situation; Again, it’s Sisco’s job to try to beat the Twins; Perhaps most notably, the Twins were still using drastic shifts and leaving themselves vulnerable to bunts like Sisco’s.

Perhaps in Minnesota’s next game, their leadoff hitter will let the bat rest on his shoulder; the opposing starter will be working on a perfect game, after all.