This Is Easily The Worst Umpire Screwup We’ve Ever Seen

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Move over, Angel Hernandez.

While Major League Baseball has yielded a cornucopia of terrible umpire decisions, this week Ulises Dominguez Solis and Rodolfo Pastrana Tejeda of the Mexican Baseball League teamed up to produce the most perplexing ump blunder we’ve ever seen.

Worst call ever?

During a Wednesday game between the Diablos Rojos del Mexico and Algodoneros de Union Laguna, well … just watch.

Where to begin?

Swing or no swing, the pitch is a strike. A 91 mph fastball down the pipe. 

And I shouldn’t have to point it out, but two people whose job it is to notice it didn’t, so I’ll give it a go: Laguna batter Jonathan Jones swung! Like, inarguably took a full cut. The individual operating the scoreboard didn’t even bother waiting for the ump’s signal to mark strike two.

Inexplicably, a second opinion didn’t change the called ball to a strike. Throw in the other two umps’ failures to step in for an ump huddle, and that’s five blatant umpire screwups in a matter of seconds.

The four-way brain fart was so egregious that the home plate ump and first base ump were subsequently suspended for the season. The league slapped the other two umps with warnings.

That’s a good call.