Phillies Infielder Saved At The Last Second From Being Punched In The Face By Ump

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Bet you can’t watch this clip fewer than 10 times right now.

Mesmerizing, I know.

That’s Phillies infielder Scott Kingery’s just narrowly avoiding a swift punch to the chops from a second base umpire.

And not just any umpire — Jordan Baker, a former Oklahoma State baseball player who at 6’7″ is the tallest active MLB ump.

He’s also the guy who dropped Matt Kemp to prevent a brawl.

The close call with Kingery occurred in a game against the Braves back on March 30, but the clip recently started making the rounds on Reddit.

Typically, physical aggression between players and officials flows in the opposite direction.

Like that time this college football player drilled a ref in the face.

Or when these high school football players leveled then cheap-shotted an official.

As a manager, Jose Offerman attacked an umpire during a winter league game. That was three years after he attacked a pitcher with his bat as a player.

Let’s not leave out Carlos Boozer, either.

Of course it’s a semi-regular occurrence in boxing.

With all due respect to Kingery and his likely desire to keep his face intact, umps and refs are due to return the favor. And that’s to say nothing of the meme potential.

For now, the best they’ve got is Frank Drebin.