University Of Minnesota’s Mascot Absolutely Wrecked A 7th Grader During A Halftime Show


(Photo: Goldy Gopher)

During the Minnesota Vikings’ halftime show, there was an event held that is known as Mascot Mania, in which mascots from several local sports teams play an exhibition football game against some area kids who are fans of the sport. They can run around on the field with their favorite mascots like Viktor the Viking and Goldy Gopher from University of Minnesota.

Well, let’s just say that Goldy Gohper wasn’t going to just let these kids run all over him. He had something to prove in this little exhibition. After taking a pass from Viktor the Viking, Goldy was on his way to the end zone, when he soon found a 7th-grade kid in between him and paydirt. Would Goldy just let the child tackle him? Let’s have a look and see what went down.

Holy mother of pearl. Goldy absolutely destroyed that little kid with a savage stiff-arm to the face the kid stood no chance of surviving.

What made it worse was Goldy’s nightmare-inducing touchdown celebration. It’s like something straight out of The Exorcist!