This Unstoppable Deep Passing Play Has Already Worked For 3 Teams

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Todd Gurley blessed his fantasy owners with yet another monstrous game on Sunday, amassing 215 total yards a touchdown as his Los Angeles Rams stunned the Dallas Cowboys, 35-30.

Fifty-three of those yards came on a single play—a deep bomb from the arm of quarterback Jared Goff that resulted in Gurley’s score.

Watch speedy, diminutive receiver Tavon Austin run a jet sweep as the ball is hiked to Goff.

The attention paid to Austin means Gurley has single cover with a linebacker on his seam route.

Advantage, Rams.

If you think you’ve seen this somewhere before, you might’ve watched the NFL’s season opener, when Kareem Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs used the same deep play to burn Bill Belichick and Co. for a 78-yard score en route to a surprising victory.

Still convinced you’ve seen this play, but are positive you missed out on this epic Week 1 game?

Maybe you saw the Patriots, once of the victims of this play, utilize it one week later against the New Orleans Saints.

After his team won 36-20 in Week 2, Brady told a radio station the Patriots had borrowed the play because it’d worked so well against them.

“The play I threw to James, the Chiefs ran it—that was the touchdown play that they had to Kareem Hunt, that long one when they got behind the defense,” Brady told WEEI. “It was a little variation of what the Chiefs did, but similar action—we got some confusion on the defense, and they really missed James out of the backfield. Had I not thrown it to James, I had Dion Lewis over near the sideline and no one was on him, either. It’s just a really good play and perfect call at the time.”

Look for teams to continue adapting this play until defenses figure out a way to shut it down.