Vikings Trade for Sam Bradford to Replace Injured Teddy Bridgewater

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Days after his team lost starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for the season, Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said he wouldn't jeopardize the team's future just to find a temporary quarterback.

Two days later, he traded a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick (that could become a third-rounder if the team reaches the NFC Championship) for the Philadelphia Eagles' Sam Bradford.

"The one thing that I will not do, and I promise you this, is put our organization in a situation where it's going to inhibit us or hurt us going into the future," he said to reporters on Thursday. "By that, I mean people are asking for some crazy things. People think that you are desperate, and we are not going to do something that in my estimation, and talking with Coach Zim (Mike Zimmer) and our ownership, that puts us in a situation where we jeopardize the future of this franchise."

Apparently that doesn't mean a first-rounder, which comes in 2017,  was off limits (the fourth-rounder comes in 2018).

“Just excited to be here right now, anxious to get into the playbook and start learning the offense,” Bradford said of the move. “Really just getting around the guys and meeting my new teammates.”

He'll be reuniting with Adrian Peterson. The quarterback was a redshirt freshman at Oklahoma in 2006, when the back finished runner-up in Heisman voting.

“I remember watching his workout and the way he approached the game and handled himself, he really kind of set the bar for everyone at Oklahoma,” Bradford said. “He’s someone that I’ve looked up to from college and even into the pros.”

In five seasons, Bradford has completed 60.1 percent of his passes for 78 touchdowns and 52 interceptions. This offseason he signed a two-year contract worth $36 million, with $22 million guaranteed.

He spent four seasons with the St. Louis Rams before being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles last season.

“Given that I’ve been in several offenses, I’m sure there will be some things that are similar,” he later added. “But I think it just takes time, getting in there studying it and trying to learn it.”

The Vikings also considered trading for Kansas City Chiefs backup Nick Foles.

For Philadelphia, the move means rookie Carson Wentz will likely start the season under center.

The Eagles traded five draft picks for the right to take Wentz at No. 2, which prompted a trade demand from Bradford that the QB later rescinded.


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