Vince Carter: I’d Beat Michael Jordan in a Dunk Contest in Our Primes

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Vince Carter became the first 40-year-old to lead his team in scoring since 2003, when he put up 24 points in a Monday-night Memphis Grizzlies win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

"He never ceases to amaze me," said Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale.

The last 40-year-old to lead his team in scoring in a game? Michael Jordan, who did so with the Washington Wizards in 2003, and with whom Carter is often compared thanks to similar builds, hops, and dunk contest successes.

But can Vince beat the 54-year-old in a game of one-on-one right now? He's fairly confident—but not too confident.

"I wouldn't let [Jordan win]. I can't let him," Carter told Dan Patrick on his radio show. "I'm going to put up a fight for sure. … I know Mike, and I know how competitive he is, and I know if it's a one-on-one with no referee—I've played against him in that setting before, and I know very little foul calls. He won't allow very many foul calls against him, which is just not right. I think I can—as of right now, today, this week, I think so, because I'm playing, he's not playing."

Carter then admitted Jordan was the better overall player, but insisted that if both were in their primes, he would take His Airness down in a dunk contest.

"I like me in a dunk contest," the 19-year veteran said. "I can’t step down from that one. Greatest player of all time, though, I give it to Mike.”

But Carter has no illusions about what Jordan thinks his chances would be in any competition with the man 14 year his junior—he knows the Chicago Bulls legend is confident he can win at just about anything: "Of course he does."

Apparently comparing one's abilities to those of Jordan is in right now—earlier this week, LaVar Ball, father of top NBA draft prospect Lonzo Ball, said he'd "kill" Jordan in one-on-one in their primes.

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