Don’t Expect Another Explosive Dwyane Wade Performance In These Playoffs

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

We’ve seen this before.

A formerly good NBA player does something impressive, and the game’s announcer describes it as “vintage [old dude].”

Then that “vintage” iteration of said player goes into hiding for 10 or so games before rearing his head once again.

On Monday night, that player was Dwyane Wade.

Wade led his Miami Heat to a tight victory over the Philadelphia 76ers by dropping a season-high 28 points on 11-of-16 shooting in Game 2 of the teams’ first-round playoff series.

Just don’t expect Wade’s heroics to come to Miami’s aid again in the series.

The last time Wade topped the 20-point threshold came on March 3, when he poured in 22.

Over the rest of the regular season, Wade appeared in 11 games and shot an embarrassing 37.7 percent from the field. He attempted more shots per game (11.1) than he scored points (10.2) in that stretch.

True shooting percentage takes into account three-point shooting, two-point shooting, and free-throw shooting to measure the efficiency of a player’s attempts to score.

The league-average true shooting percentage is typically around 55 percent; Wade hasn’t topped that mark over the course of a season since 2013-14.

The reality is almost the entire league is capable of putting up the occasional 20-point explosion, a la Wade, but few players have the license, drawn from years as the franchise’s superstar, to hoist as freely as the Heat shooting guard does.

Wade hasn’t been a good player for four years now, he’s just built enough devotion from his team and its fans to be able to chuck like he’s still a star.

And on Monday night, fortunately for Miamians, those shots finally happened to go in.

Heat fans should enjoy the moment, because with Joel Embiid on his way back and Ben Simmons’ deciphering, by the fourth quarter, the Erik Spoelstra defensive scheme that gave him trouble in the first half on Monday, Miami is gonna need more miracles to have a chance in this series.