Von Miller Penalty For Pretending To Help Tyrod Taylor Up Ends Broncos’ Chances Against Bills


(Photo: Getty Images)

The defense of Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller can be so vicious and dominating, he looks more like a schoolyard bully than a man playing among his supposed peers.

The three-time All-Pro took that a step further on Sunday, when he held his hand out to help Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor to his feet—only for Miller to pull his hand away once Taylor accepted the aid.

This would be awesome if not for the league’s improved but still frustrating stance on fun.

Miller was whistled for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the play, and the 15-yarder all but sealed defeat for the Broncos.

The apparent infraction occurred after a failed third-and-6 play, breathing new life into a Bills drive midway through the fourth quarter with Buffalo holding a seven-point lead.

The Bills were then able to gain two more first downs and force the Broncos to burn all three timeouts before Buffalo kicked a field goal with 3:14 left to put the game all but out of reach at 26-16, where the score would remain.

“I didn’t see it, but how [the officials] explained it to me, I guess Von gave him a hand to help the guy up, and he moved the hand away,” said Broncos coach Vance Joseph following the loss. “He called it, so I guess that’s what he thought it was. It’s pro football, but he called it.”

Miller said he regrets the (still hilarious) incident.

“I can’t put my team in situations like that,” Miller said. “… I’ve got to be smarter than that. I’m always on the rookies and the young guys about being smart, doing this, doing that. And in a crucial situation in the game—I’ve just got to be better than that … I killed the game today with that play. I’ve just got to be better than that.”