Vontaze Burfict Finally Got Himself Ejected From A Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Perhaps the most amazing accomplishment in the NFL career of Vontaze Burfict is that he went an entire five and a half seasons without getting ejected from a game, despite the dirty reputation he’s strived to earn from Day 1.

On Sunday, it finally happened, on the lightest shove of an official’s arm.

According to the NFL rulebook, “Unnecessary physical contact with a game official … may result in disqualification and also will include discipline by the Commissioner.”

While this seems like a harsh interpretation of the rule, it’s hard not to imagine that Burfict’s rep as a player unwilling to consider on-field professionalism had something to do with his ejection.

That, and the incident came two plays after Burfict had earned himself his first personal foul of the game, for this late contact with DeMarco Murray.

Burfict initially refused to leave the sideline. When he finally vacated the premises, he did so with a tribute to former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel.

After Burfict got himself ejected, his Cincinnati Bengals fell to the Tennessee Titans, 24-20.