Warriors Coach Mike Brown Laughs Maniacally at the Mention of Lonzo Ball’s $495 Shoes

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

The last question Golden State Warriors interim head coach Mike Brown took at the podium after his team's Game 2 victory had nothing to do with the 115-104 vanquishing of the Utah Jazz, but instead referenced a certain piece of (possibly unoriginal) expensive footwear being pushed by a father–son duo.

“Would you buy your kids a pair of shoes for $500 from an unproven NBA player after college?” a reporter asked, referring to the signature shoe of likely No. 2 overall NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball. The $495 ZO2 was unveiled on Thursday by Big Baller Brand, the brainchild of Ball's father, the ever-outspoken (possible marketing genius) LaVar Ball.

Brown responded by cackling like a maniac the moment the reporter got the word "dollars" out of his mouth.

"Uhhh … no," he said.

On his way out of the room, another reporter lobbed a related question: "What about flip-flops for $200?"

"No. No."

The Big Baller Brand flip-flops are actually $220.


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