Warriors Owner Hints He Did Sexual Things with the Larry O’Brien Trophy

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Don’t leave Warriors owner Joe Lacob alone with the championship trophy.

After the Golden State Warriors celebrated their NBA title back in June, Lacob took the trophy back to his place because he’s the owner and he can do what he wants. But it’s what Lacob did with the trophy that has everyone feeling icky.

"I had made a promise to myself [that] I would sleep with the trophy that night," Lacob told Haute Living when describing the evening his team won the NBA Finals. "Nicole [Curran, his longtime fiancée] and I did sleep with it."

Okay, that’s fine so far. After all, people sleep with their baseball gloves all the time to break them in—and you can’t blame an owner for wanting to sleep with the most treasured item in all of basketball. But Lacob took it one step too far.

"I’ll leave it to the imagination," Lacob added. "We had a lot of fun with it."

A lot of fun? We all know what that means. Even if if that wasn't Lacob's intention, we're all thinking it at this point.

It’s hard to think of what “dirty” stuff two people can do with a large trophy (that won’t keep you hospitalized for weeks). One thing is for sure—there isn’t enough Purell in the world for Golden State players to want to touch that thing again.

But to be fair, that golden ball is really shiny. If I owned an NBA team, I might be a little turned on by it too.

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