WATCH: Billy Hamilton Steals 5 Bases Off Jon Lester and the Cubs

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Jon Lester, as great as he is at pitching, can't do much else on a baseball field.

He can't hit, and he certainly can't throw to places not called "home plate."

Which is exactly why Cincinnati Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton went buck wild on Lester and the Chicago Cubs last night, stealing five bases and doing unfair damage to Cubs catcher David Ross' throwout percentage.

Hamilton leads the majors with 31 stolen bases and has only been caught four times. Florida Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon is second in the majors with 22.

The speedster's heroics were for naught, however. Despite three of his five swipes coming against Lester, Hamilton scored the Reds' only run of the day against the Cubs pitching staff, as Chicago went on to win 2-1 in 11 innings.


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