WATCH: Chris Paul Tells Ref ‘Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m a Little Kid,’ Gets Ejected


(Photo: Twitter/@BleacherReport)

Chris Paul doesn’t take too kindly to referees acting like authority figures on the court (even though they kind of are).

The veteran point guard was ejected in the third quarter of Tuesday night’s preseason game between the Clippers and Warriors. Paul was arguing with official Eric Lewis on a foul call when he told the ref, “I’ve got two kids of my own. Don’t talk to me like a little kid.”

Lewis didn’t appreciate Paul’s comments, as he called a technical foul—the second of the night for CP3. The best part is DeAndre Jordan’s reaction, which was either very pissed off or fired up.

Blake Griffin took over point guard duties with Paul out of the lineup.

Okay, that’s not actually true.

Paul had already played 20 minutes, scoring seven points with 10 assists. It’s the preseason after all, so perhaps he just wanted to get home early to catch his pal Gabrielle Union on the season premiere of Being Mary Jane.