WATCH: Damian Lillard Makes His First Live Appearance at Hip Hop Show

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: YouTube/weouttherenet)

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is making a name for himself this offseason in the world of hip hop. Lillard has been releasing singles on SoundCloud, and even plans on putting out an album at some point. But there’s one thing Lillard hasn’t done—perform on stage.

That was until this week, when Lillard made his public debut at the Holocene nightclub in front of his fans in Portland. The two-time All-Star dropped a verse in a front of a crowd for the first time as Dame DOLLA.

Watch below:

Lillard claims his cousin called him on stage, which was hard to refuse.

Listen to some of Lillard’s music. Like Baby Bear’s porridge, it’s not too much or too little—it’s just right.

Hopefully Lillard’s raps stay consistently good. It would be annoying if after a few albums he goes through a Kanye stage and makes an experimental album in Paris screaming animal sounds.

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