Watch Every Zach LaVine Dunk From 2015-16


(Photo: Getty)

We might not even recognize Zach LaVine, or several of the young Minnesota Timberwolves, next season. Because Tom Thibodeau, a reputed taskmaster, is coming to town.

So expect the team with the fourth-worst defensive rating in 2015-16 to bound significantly up that list next year.

"I think it’s the best young roster in the NBA," Thibodeau, the team's new coach and president, said of the Timberwolves. "When you look at Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Ricky Rubio, Gorgui Dieng, that’s a lot to build around, Shabazz [Muhammad], Tyus [Jones], I think we have a really good, young core. We have another high draft pick, we also have some cap room, and that’s going to give us great flexibility moving forward. We’ll have a lot of options, but I like where our team is."

It will be particularly interesting to watch Wiggins and LaVine, two player with loads of potential on both sides of the ball who have yet to affect games on defense.

But even if he never becomes an All-Star caliber starter, LaVine will always be one of the best dunkers in the league's history. And while he's been amazing to watch win back-to-back slam dunk championships—particularly this season's thrilling dunk-off with Aaron Gordon—those performances might not be as impressive as LaVine's in-game dunks.

LaVine dunked roughly 49 times this season (Basketball Reference will tell you 52, but a dunk is hard to define so stat keepers usually show a discrepancy). Thankfully, hero DownToBuck compiled them all.