WATCH: Holly Holm KOs Ronda Rousey in Stunning Upset

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Ronda Rousey is no longer the undefeated UFC Bantamweight Champion.

In an astonishing upset early in the second round, Holly Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey on a head kick at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia.

Rousey didn’t come out as aggressive in the first round as she had in previous fights, and Holm took advantage. Once Holm realized Rousey would have to chase her, she quickly became the aggressor, taking her down once and causing a number of cuts to the face.

This was pretty much what was going on after the first round in Holm’s corner (just with different pronouns).

It only took a few seconds for Holm to send Rousey to mat in the second round. That’s when it became clear she had nothing left.

Holm is now the new UFC Bantamweight Champion. Hopefully she'll get her own movie deal out of it or something.