Watch the Ultimate Barack Obama Hoops Mixtape in Honor of His 8 Years as President

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

On Friday, against the desires of the vast majority of the American population, Barack Obama left the office of the President of the United States.

In addition to stabilizing an economy in crisis and drastically reducing the number of people without insurance, the 44th president left behind a legacy of loving sports—not just as a fan, but as an avid pickup basketball player.

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls fan played varsity basketball in high school and famously held regular pickup games in D.C. while in office.

And the lefty played to win, going hard enough to cause injury to himself or others on occasion.

“Basketball is a physical, contact sport,” said Rey Decerega, the director of programs at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, who in 2010 accidentally busted Obama's lip open with his elbow. “It was something I think could have probably happened at any time, especially because he likes to play hard. It just happened that I was the person who unfortunately elbowed him.”

To send him off, Bleacher Report assembled a highlight reel of Obama killin' cats on the court.

Obama out.