Watch What Happens When Odell Beckham Tries to Use Two Hands

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

The New York Giants are facing off against the undefeated Carolina Panthers and cannot afford to make any mistakes. Unfortunately for Odell Beckham Jr., he picked the worst possible game to make a mistake.

The receiver-corner matchup everyone was talking about heading into Sunday was how cornerback Josh Norman would fare against the speed and the hands of Beckham. OBJ had the edge early on, burning Norman up the field to get wide open on his way to the end zone. But perhaps things would have gone better if Beckham had used just one hand.

Maybe for Beckham, learning to catch a football was a lot like baseball. You use two hands at first to support the ball going into the mitt, but after a while, the glove hand alone becomes far more efficient.

Stick to what you do best Odell.

On another note, Norman and Beckham are getting pretty pissed at each other.

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