Watch a Whole Bunch of Thunder Fans Lose Their Damn Minds Over Kevin Durant’s Departure

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Kevin Durant has ditched the Oklahoma City Thunder for a better gig with the Golden State Warriors, and fans of his former team are, predictably, not happy.

In Golden State, Durant has set himself up for a better chance at multiple rings after reaching just one NBA Finals in his nine seasons with the only franchise he'd ever known. And while some NBA fans can appreciate a player prioritizing championships over self image or money, I'd estimate about zero of them reside in Oklahoma City.

Like this young fan, who apparently just learned about sarcasm.

And this guy, who says that Durant leaving OKC for Golden State is worse than LeBron James and Chris Bosh deciding to play for the Miami Heat.

And these two fans, who argued over whether Durant is a "traitor."

But no reaction is a strong—or as terrifying—as this gun-laden effigy of the man who made a professional basketball team in Oklahoma City worth watching.

Don't worry, OKC fans, Durant would have done the same thing.