We Strongly Advise You Not to Try Our Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game

Bradley Whitaker
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Obsev Sports is in no way responsible for how f*cked up you get if you try our Super Bowl 50 drinking game.

Now that we’ve warned you, here is an excellent way to enjoy the big game, or at least the first three quarters until you upchuck and completely forget what happened at the end of the game.

Let’s start with the basics and work toward the harder stuff.


Chug a can/bottle of beer every time:

  • Peyton Manning yells “Omaha”
  • Cam Newton dabs
  • Phil Simms says the word “confidence”


Drink a glass of wine every time:

  • An analyst says, “Peyton Manning could be the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams”
  • Josh Norman starts a fight with someone (this could be the damaging one)
  • Aqib Talib stares down a ref after a personal foul penalty

Drink up! (via Getty)


Take a shot of Fireball whenever CBS shows:

  • An aerial shot of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • A highlight from John Elway’s last two Super Bowls
  • A grown man stealing a Panthers football from a child (that bastard!)


Take a shot of Vodka every time:

  • Jim Nantz comes back from commercial leading with an anecdote
  • Greg Olsen’s beard can be seen growing in real time
  • The mark on Peyton Manning’s forehead gets a shade darker

Bring your red paint chips (via Getty)


Drink a shot of tequila (through a straw) whenever:

  • San Francisco has an earthquake
  • The power goes out at Levi’s Stadium
  • Von Miller T-bags Cam Newton


Drink kerosene whenever:

  • An analyst condemns Peyton Manning for taking HGH (because it will never happen)


There you have it! Bottoms up!