I’m Surprised It Took LaVar Ball This Long To Dump On LeBron James

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

I guess LaVar Ball is confident Lonzo Ball’s surgery has taken him off the trading block.

Because the Ball patriarch doesn’t seem all that concerned about getting under the good graces of his son’s new superstar teammate, LeBron James.

LaVar, who averaged 2.2 points per game in 26 contests as a D-I basketball player in the ’80s, added James to the ever-growing list of players who, according to the helmer of the hilariously unsuccessful JBA, wouldn’t be able to handle him one-on-one in his prime.

The 6’6″ LaVar told Fanatics View that James is “too weak” for that.

“Back in my heyday can’t nobody hold me,” Ball said. “270 (pounds)? Benching 500 (pounds)?! All I gotta do is back you in, I’ll lift all of them up off their feet!”

He added: “I was a bad mamajama. My will to win was too hard man. One-on-one, I’d bet on myself all day.”

Right. The guy who put the Celtics away by scoring on them while wearing Marcus Morris as a backpack isn’t strong enough to beat the offspring of Steve Harvey and Mrs. Potato Head one-on-one.

As far as ridiculous Ball proclamations go, this one is tame. A retread of previous outlandish statements. So I don’t imagine James will even acknowledge it.

But some of Ball’s antics from a season ago probably won’t fly with King James in the fold.