Whoever Runs The Yankees Social Media Deserves An Award For Brutally Roasting The Red Sox

Joe Welkie
Yankees social media
(Photo: Yankees social media)

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is one that is neverending and fierce. It’s an institution in the history of baseball, and that rivalry extends to the Yankees social media presence too, apparently.

Back in 2004, the Boston Red Sox came from behind to beat the Yankees in the ALCS en route to their historic World Series victory. On Oct. 17 of this year, the Red Sox’s social media decided to make a post commemorating the occasion.

Unfortunately for them, whoever runs the Yankees social media page saw this tweet and decided to hand them a savage roasting. It’s expertly crafted and downright brutal.

Don’t mess with the Yankees. Not even on Twitter. They’ve been burning people left and right online recently. Whoever is running that page should get an award for their savagery.

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