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John Cena Proposing? Bella Twins on Season 5 of ‘Total Divas’

Brie and Nikki Bella, also known as The Bella Twins and the stars of E!’s Total Divas, stopped by the Lowdown studio to chat with Diana Madison about the hit TV show and what we can expect in the upcoming season.

They talk about their newfound fame, how they’re not quite used to it just yet, and how it’s interesting how their fan base has expanded past the WWE fandom. Nikki, who’s dating fellow WWE star and actor John Cena, tells Diana why exactly she “can’t go to a Bed Bath & Beyond anymore” without people commenting on her relationship — not to worry though — she has a great attitude about it.

Speaking of relationships, Diana gets the scoop on whether or not Nikki and John are actually engaged, even though she’s not sporting a ring. The verdict: we’ll have to wait and see if something happens this season! She tells us what her dream proposal looks like as well, and we have to admit, it sounds perfect! Brie also talks about how she and husband Daniel Bryan have baby fever and whether or not they are expanding their family in the near future.

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