An Ode To Buffet Restaurants, The Best Kind Of Restaurants

Lindsay Weglarz
buffet restaurants
Ode to a buffet

I’m hungry, I need a feast
I want every food and I don’t want to choose
So hungry, all the treats I crave
One dish won’t satisfy me, not even two


I know where to go
It’s the Disneyland of food
See the bountiful chafing dishes
And prepare myself to drool

O buffet restaurants,
You sweet and savory temple
For a flat fee I indulge
in delicious foods so ample


Should I come for breakfast
And stay until dinner?
There aren’t any rules
And every dish is a winner

O meat-carving station
You make me say “nom”
Slice me some juicy turkey
With gravy, it’s the bomb.


Unlimited ice cream
It’s the dream for all ages
Unlimited toppings
Satisfies all my cravings

If I were pregnant
The buffet would be my home
All my fellow buffet lovers
you are not alone




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