This Cheeseburger Costs $53 But There’s A Good Reason For The Price


(Photo: The World's Best Ever)

One burger for the price of about 50 McDonald’s burgers. And this cheeseburger is insanely expensive because of one ingredient. It comes from none other than the legendary restaurant owner Grant Achatz. He is known for his exquisite and high-end restaurants where most meals cost around $200. So, a burger with a $53 tag makes complete sense. This big bucks burger is currently featured at Achatz’s Chicago restaurant, Roister. 

At first sight it looks like a normal burger topped with cheddar, mushrooms, and special sauce. But, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. So, why so expensive?

Luckily, Nick Kindelsperger, of the Chicago Tribune  tried the burger, and after his first bite he knew EXACTLY why this cheeseburger had such a high price tag. It had nothing to do with the toppings and everything to do with the beef. Unlike traditional burgers this one was not made with ground beef. It is made with Japanese A-5 wagyu beef. An average pound of this meat is about $110! It is a perfectly marbled beef, and is about half beef and half fat which makes it extra tender. 

Achatz doesn’t usually keep his specialty items on the menu for very long, so if you want to try the burger we recommend going to Roister’s soon!