Celebrities Who Got Back Together With Their Exes

Celebrities Who Got Back Together With Their Exes June 18, 2018

celebrities who got back together with their exes

    Stars choose partners from a more restrictive pool than us normies. And they often link up with equally beautiful better halves who boast bank accounts typical of the Hollywood elite. So it’s no surprise that, sometimes, celebrity exes find their way back to one another….

    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

    Rich Polk/Getty Images for Disney

    After pop star Miley Cyrus released her hit single “Wrecking Ball” shortly after she split from fiance Liam Hemsworth, it seemed like all hope of a future reconciliation was lost (I mean, apparently, all he did was wreck her, OK?). Thankfully, the couple reunited in 2016, three years after their 2013 breakup. They finally got married on Dec. 23, 2018.