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Celebrities Who Look Completely Different Without Makeup

Celebrities Who Look Completely Different Without Makeup April 27, 2018

    Celebrities without makeup may look different, but they still look gorgeous. Having a face full of makeup is a very common thing in Hollywood. Everyone has to look beautiful at all times. There are times that some famous celebrities and models like to strip it down and be makeup free. Whether they’re doing a it for the Instagram or out and about running errands you can find a few Hollywood hotshots and gorgeous models running around without painted faces. Here’s a list of celebrities and models who look a bit different without makeup. But they’re just as beautiful, if not moreso.

    Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato / Instagram

    Demi Lovato is no stranger to being pro-body positive. But just this past year she did something super special. On International Women’s Day, Vogue asked Demi to be one of the American women featured in its portfolio, and for her segment, she decided to take off her makeup on camera in real time. You can watch that video here.