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Celebrities Who Look Completely Different Without Makeup

Celebrities Who Look Completely Different Without Makeup April 27, 2018

Celebrities without makeup may look different, but they still look gorgeous. Having a face full of makeup is a very common thing in Hollywood. Everyone has to look beautiful at all times. There are times that some famous celebrities and models like to strip it down and be makeup free. Whether they're doing a it for the Instagram or out and about running errands you can find a few Hollywood hotshots and gorgeous models running around without painted faces. Here's a list of celebrities and models who look a bit different without makeup. But they're just as beautiful, if not moreso.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato / Instagram

Demi Lovato is no stranger to being pro-body positive. But just this past year she did something super special. On International Women's Day, Vogue asked Demi to be one of the American women featured in its portfolio, and for her segment, she decided to take off her makeup on camera in real time. You can watch that video here.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox / Instagram

Back in 2016, actress Laverne Cox posted this photo on her instagram with the caption: "The other day after I took out my braids before we put them back in. I keep it natural underneath. #NaturalHair #NoFilter #NoMakeup #JustMe I love fake hair. It's one of the great joys of my life. As an actress and a woman I love being able to transform, to switch up my look when I want to with wigs, weaves, and bundles a plenty. I love this too. It's about choices and options."

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga / Instagram

Lady Gaga isn't afraid to post selfies of herself without makeup -- in fact there are lists online showcasing her throughout the years of her posting makeup-free posts on her instagram. Many time's it's just her thanking her "little monsters" for being there. She does believe in a big skincare routine and you can try it for yourself thanks to Life and Style Magazine.

Kate Upton

Instagram / @kateupton

Famous model Kate Upton is a girl like me and you, she doesn't feel the need to put makeup on when she works out or goes on hikes -- I mean why would you? She's posted various pictures on her instagram of her working out without makeup just for a #mondaymotivation. They're oddly comforting and relatable. Sure, you don't want to work out but still do and just know even beauty queens like Kate Upton feel the same way.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

Celebrity Chrissy Teigen is always all for self-appeciation and not wearing makeup. She took to twitter to say this about all the pretty instagrammers: "I don't know what real skin looks like anymore. Makeup ppl on instagram, please stop with the smoothing (unless it's me) just kidding (I'm torn) ok maybe just chill out a bit. People of social media just know: IT'S FACETUNE, you're beautiful don't compare yourself to people okay. Everyone looks like an oil painting."

Christina Aguilera

Instagram / @xtina

Christina Aguleria is known for glaming it up with heavy makeup, ever since her "Dirrty" days. Aguilera decided to switch it up and appeared makeup free on Paper magazine's "Transform 2018" issue. She told the magazine that she's at the point in her career that she wants to strip everything back -- makeup, music -- everything. 

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren / Instagram

Everyone has instagram now, even the legendary Dame Helen Mirren. She took to her instagram last month the post a "Oscar night before" shot of her in the makeup chair before getting all done up for the big ceremony. She later posted an after photo with all the people that made her look so gorgeous. There's a reason that she's Queen, and it's because she rules.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot / Instagram

Gal Gadot posted a photo on Instagram a few months back makeup-free. She captioned it "Sleepless night, colic 3 month old baby and an early wake up by my 5 year old. Went ot the garden to get some fresh air with my coffee to help me wake up and now watching The Cat In The Hat with my daughter. It always amazes me how the most simple things are the ones to make us the happiest. Even makeup free she looks gorgeous.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj / Instagram

In 2014, rapper Nicki Minaj shared a series of post-shower, makeup-free photos on her Instagram. The pictures included no captions but she did take to twitter to explain why she posted them. "Sherika sat there and let me relax my hair after 4 years. TT can't believe I did it." Sometimes makeup-free photos can be funny, they don't have to have a meaningful message behind them.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara / Instagram

The "Modern Family" star also took her instagram to post a make-up free selfie. She actually snapped the selfie because she wanted to show how red her cheeks were because of her fever. "Hm...I just realised that 102 fever gives you the perfect shades of pink. I need this color @covergirl." Vergara captioned it.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got, she's still Jenny from the Block. Jennifer Lopez is a stone cold stunner, but she does take steps to look gorgeous on a daily basis. Lopez told People the secret to her smooth skin in 2016: "I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, [and I use] night creams to keep my skin hydrated."


Adele / Instagram

When the singer Adele was on tour across North America she had to cancel/reschedule a few Arizona shows because she was sick. She posted a makeup free video apologizing and this instagram photo shortly after. She rescheduled the shows for later that year and crushed the shows as she usually does, fans were not disappointed.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima / Instagram

Adriana Lima loves her modeling career but at time it can be a bit tiring. She took to her instagram to post a makeup-free selfie describing her workday, she ended it with: "Happy to be here. And wanted to share the face of a hard working model, and share that I am not the only one that works hard. Thank you. I hope my message doesn't get misunderstand. Love you all."

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore / Instagram

Drew Barrymore is a huge fan of not wearing makeup in makeup-free instagram selfies. She even founded a makeup line called Flower Beauty in 2013. "Makeup-free selfies are empowering because that's what you really look like -- and I have no interest in sort of pretending I look like something else than what I am," Barrymore explained to People magazine.


Zendaya / Instagram

Zendaya isn't a stranger to being out in public without makeup. She posts instagrams on the regular of her just looking regular. She even likes looking like she's not wearing makeup when she's wearing makeup. So much so that she posted a youtube tutorial on how to achieve the "bare beat" look.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum / Instagram

Model Heidi Klum isn't afraid to be seen without makeup. Just last year she posted a transformation video of herself getting prepped for the Academy Awards on her instagram. She posted it on her instagram with the caption "Oscar glam from start to finish." You can check out the video here.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde / Twitter

Olivia Wilde is another starlet that is frequently seen by the paparazzi makeup-free. Unlike the others though, she isn't a fan of the makeup-free selfies, so don't expect one from her soon. She took to twitter to say: "Don't compare yourself to actors. You too would look 'perfect' with a giant wall of soft light following you around." 


Instagram / Kesha

Lately, Kesha has stripped down looks -- similar to her new style of music. She is frequently out in public makeup free. She told Vogue she keeps her skin in check: "I am a beauty horder -- I have all sorts of face serums and lotions. And I have this facialst, Francesca Paige, who is a magician."

Kim Kardashian

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian clan are known to always dress up and glam it out, but don't worry they strip it down too. Just last year, Kim Kardashian didn't wear any makeup to show off a proper makeup tutorial for her new KKW contour line. You can check out the tutorial here.

Katie Holmes

Instagram / Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is sometimes seen out and about without any makeup. When she does put makeup on she doesn't go to flashy. "Generally, I stick with nudes, browns and purples on my eyes. For every day, I like to stick with what I know works for my skin. I mkae bolder choices on the read carpets," she told Hello! magazine.

Cara Delevingne

Instagram / Cara Delevingne

Model and actress Cara Delevingne likes to wear a lot of makeup or not. "I don't wear makeup every day," she told Vogue, "But I love to wear it for special occassions and make the transition from day to night. It plays a huge part in my professional life, and I love the way I can use to to transform myself." 

Chelsea Handler

Instagram / Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler isn't not scared of putting it all out there. She once posted a nude photo on her instagram and frequently posts topless photos on the gram. She posts them in protest of the topless photo restrictions rule on the gram. Naturally, her out and about in public with no makeup is a breeze for her. 

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks / Instagram

Tyra Banks took to her instagram to keep it real. She posted this photo with the caption: "You know how people say #no filter but you know there's a freakin' filter on their pic? Or maybe there's a smidge of retouching going on but they're lying and saying it's all raw & real?

'Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me. I wanted to smooth out my dark circles so badly!!! But I was like, "Naw, Ty. Show 'em the REAL you." 

'So...here I am. Raw. And there YOU are...looking at me, studying this picture. Maybe you're thinking, "Whoa, she looks ROUGH." And if you are, great! You deserve to see THE real me. The really real me. #RawAndReal'  

Kylie Jenner

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Now that Kylie is a new mom she's more open to not wearing makeup and instagramming her makeup-free selfies. She does like to do the typical "not wearing makeup but still wearing a little makeup" look though and you can follow her makeup routine by checking out her fave products here.