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The Sexiest Stars Over 50

The Sexiest Stars Over 50 April 2, 2019

sexy stars over 50

Cynics say Hollywood favors the young. But we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And these stars over 50 pack more beauty in one thumb than half the young bucks and does out there...

Salma Hayek

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

If you'd have told use 25 years ago that Salma Hayek would get more attractive with age, we'd have called you crazy. How could she possibly get hotter? we would've thought. But here we are in 2019, and the most beautiful woman in the world back then, star of "Desperado," "From Dusk Til Dawn" and "Frida," has only gotten more gorgeous every year since.

Keanu Reeves

PRN / PRPhotos.com
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Keanu Reeves has toplined more iconic action flicks than we've seen. He's an incredible comic actor and also gets quite serious, and he has no trouble mixing the two. Also, Hollywood gossip says he's a generous, kind and caring human.

Nicole Kidman

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

What the heck is Nicole Kidman's skin regimen? Because her look is "To Die For." But we'd want the true answer, no "Big Little Lies." And we'll buy any makeup we need to, even some "Moulin Rouge."

Lenny Kravitz

Michael Sherer / PRPhotos.com

Are we gonna go your way? Sure thing, Lenny Kravitz, anything you and your unbelievably attractive guitar-playing self wants. Quick follow-up question, though: Are you gonna be rocking your "Hunger Games" getup?

Julianne Moore

Laurent Koffel / PRPhotos.com
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We want more Moore. Julianne has blessed us in such influential films like "Boogie Nights," "The Big Lebowski," "Magnolia" and "Children of Men." Her body of work speaks for itself, and she epitomizes beauty and grace as she continues to crush her career.

Pierce Brosnan

Away! / PR Photos

So maybe he's trading in his shaken-not-stirred Vesper martini for a shaken-not-stirred Ensure. But Pierce "Bond, James Bond" Brosnan still has that confident spy swagger that made him a superstar. If you want some Brosnan-spy-deep-cut-realness, check out "Remington Steele."

Halle Berry

Kazuki Hirata / HollywoodNewsWire.net / PRPhotos.com

She's played iconic superheroes across the Marvel/DC divide. She's the first African-American woman to win the Oscar for best actress. And she made an uncredited cameo on Bruno Mars' incredible slow-funk-jam "Calling All My Lovelies." She's Halle Berry, and she will always be cooler than you.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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We're not psychos for finding one of the most vicious contemporary onscreen villains -- Negan on "The Walking Dead" -- super hunky, are we? Who cares? In a zombie apocalypse scenario, morality is all relative. So we're gonna feel totally comfortable ogling Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his morally ambiguous roles.

Michelle Pfeiffer

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

Michelle Pfeiffer is having such a moment right now, you could call it "Pfeiffer Returns." Except the big-screen Catwoman never really left. She's been killing it her whole career, with delectable performances in all of her films across the decades

Sean Bean

Landmark / PR Photos

Star of stage and screen for more than 35 years, Sean Bean has portrayed heroes traditional, tragic, anti, Byronic and everything in between. Plus a few villains. And, famously, he's died in many of those roles. But what's never died are his good looks.

Isabelle Huppert

Landmark / PR Photos
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In recent outings like "Greta" and "Elle," French superstar Isabelle Huppert reminded all of us what a magnetic screen presence she is when she's given free reign to let loose. Here's hoping more filmmakers allow Huppert to play.

Steve Carell

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

Steve Carell has aged into a dashing silver fox. That not just what she said. It's what all of us say, present tense, simultaneously. Now, if you excuse us, we're gonna build ourselves a "Foxcatcher."

Angela Bassett


Has any one performer been in as many adaptations of remarkable lives as Angela Bassett? She's helped bring to the screen the stories of Tina Turner, Malcolm X, the Notorious B.I.G. and Coretta Scott King. And as we can see from recent performances like "Black Panther," she continues to exude regal luminosity doing it.

Jeff Bridges

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com
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Do you find Jeff Bridges unattractive? Well that's just, like, your opinion, man. Us, we find the Dude (or El Duderino, since we're not into the whole brevity thing) to be a handsome screen presence. If he were to invite us to the El Royale, we would assuredly have good times, thank you. Because of the room service. Yeah, that's it.

Mary Steenburgen

Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

This Academy Award-winning actor makes joining a "Book Club" look good. Mary Steenburgen is a versatile performer, from "Parenthood" to "Step Brothers." And if we were Doc Brown, we would absolutely also stay in the old west at the end of "Back to the Future Part III" for her.

Don Cheadle


We cannot tell a lie, let alone a "House of Lies." Don Cheadle can get it. We are jealous of Robert Downey Jr. for getting to spend so much screen time with him in the MCU, and we're jealous of anyone in the ensemble cast of any of his darkly comedic prestige TV series he cranks out like nothing.

Ellen Barkin

PR Photos / PRPhotos.com
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Ellen Barkin is a fashion icon. You can catch her serving all kinds of "mob glam" realness on "Animal Kingdom." Or you can watch literally any of her other films and TV shows. Or look at any of her red carpet appearances or photo shoots. We're happy to be Barkin up Ellen's tree.

Harrison Ford

PRN / PRPhotos.com

He donned his glorious space-vest and used his glorious space-blaster in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." But when Harrison Ford reprised Han Solo, it wasn't just the Force that awakened. It was also our appreciation of his raw magnetism. That's the least dirty way we can phrase it.


Loredana Sangiuliano / PRPhotos.com

She's more than Mrs. David Bowie. Iman is a prolific supermodel, a cosmetics mogul, a philanthropist and the star of little-known Sega Dreamcast video game "Omikron: The Nomad Soul."

George Clooney

Izumi Hasegawa / PRPhotos.com
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We swoon for Cloon. George Clooney performed surgery on all of our hearts in revolutionary medical drama "ER," before moving on to have success in every facet of film production, in front of and behind the camera. And this guy has the nerve to get even handsomer every year he ages. There must be something in that tequila he's selling.

Brooke Shields

Landmark / PR Photos

She starred in "Suddenly Susan." But her ascent to mature beauty iconship has been anything but sudden. Brooke Shields tore up the screen with suggestive onscreen performances in movies like "The Blue Lagoon," and then straight-up left the game to get a college degree from Princeton. What a life, what a screen legend.

Ken Watanabe

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

No, nobody hacked into our brain and incepted us with this idea. Ken Watanabe has been super good-looking his entire career, but he's really leaned into the "brooding seriousness" vibes of his later years. And we're all in. Godzilla may be king of the monsters, but Watanabe is king of our heart.

Jane Fonda

PRN / PRPhotos.com
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Jane Fonda is Hollywood. She's won a boatload of every award, appeared in tons of iconic films, briefly was an exercise video icon, and currently stars in Netflix's "Grace and Frankie." She does all this looking amazing at over 80 years old.

Brad Pitt

Izumi Hasegawa / PRPhotos.com

It makes sense that Brad Pitt would star in "Interview With a Vampire." Because, like vampires, Pitt seems to be incapable of aging. The heir apparent to Robert Redford, Pitt checks every box you'd want from a handsome movie star in both the looks and role-choice departments. And that's after a long, "Moneyball"-esque statistical evaluation, so you know it's legit.

Helen Mirren

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

Dame Helen Mirren is a phenomenal powerhouse of acting talent, having won an Emmy, Oscar and Tony. And she still manages to surprise us all with her ebulliant charm and dope-as-heck late-career choices. It is a downright shame one of her Oscar wins was not for her role in "The Fate of the Furious," becasue she is having a heck of a time in that picture.