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Incredible News Anchors Who Have Wowed Audiences With Their Beauty and Brains

Incredible News Anchors Who Have Wowed Audiences With Their Beauty and Brains May 2, 2023Leave a comment

From their stunning looks to their impressive intellect and charisma, these news anchors have set the standard for excellence in their field. Not only have they achieved success in their own right, but they have provided viewers with an inspiring example of the power of hard work, dedication, and talent. These lovely ladies inspire their viewers to tune in each and every day with their tireless drive and vivacious personalities.

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson / Twitter

Jackie Johnson began her career as a weekend anchor for WCTV-TV in Tallahassee before moving on to WSVN-TV in Miami. Her performance was so good that she went on to work for KCAL 9 News in prime time as the principal weather forecaster before moving to KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. She even showed off her skills in several television series, where she played a weather forcaster.

Lauren Sanchez

Wikimedia Commons / Lauren Sanchez

Starting as a desk assistant at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles, Lauren Sanchez quickly rose to fame. She was given the opportunity to replace the news anchor and reporters, eventually hosting TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and FOX 11's Ten O'Clock News. Recently, it was reported she is dating Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. This is a remarkable example of how one can move from the bottom to the top.

Leticia Castro

Leticia Castro / Twitter

Leticia Castro is an American-born model of Mexican descent, who has found success in the modeling world, having won numerous beauty pageants and been featured on the covers of magazines in Nevada and Mexico. She was a finalist in Model Latina Miami and Nuestra Belleza USA, and was later hired by Univision and Telemundo to work as a weather forecaster. Currently, she is the main weather anchor at ABC Sacramento.

Vera Jimenez

Vera Jimenez / Twitter

Vera Jimenez has been in the weather business for over 10 years and her performance is remarkable. As the meteorologist for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, she has won three Gold Mics and three Emmys. She believes the secret to success is to stay healthy and manage stress. Additionally, she and her husband opened a restaurant together in Los Angeles called Hermosa Beach Fish Shop.

Jill Nicolini

Newswomen / YouTube

Jill Nicolini is an American celebrity, best known for her work with the Pussycat Dolls and Metro & Traffic and Weather Channel. She currently works as a weather forecaster for Fox 5 New York, CBS, and Pix 11 News. She has also posed for Playboy and starred in the reality TV show Married by America. Additionally, she has appeared in Law & Order and Sex and the City, further increasing her credibility.

Carolina Ramirez

Carolina Ramirez / Instagram

Carolina Ramirez, from Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida, is the most well-known weather forecaster for the US Latino community. Her popularity was boosted when she was a runner-up in the Nuestra Belleza Latina beauty pageant in 2010. Carolina shares her love of travelling through her social media accounts, showing off her trips to Latin America and Europe.

Magda Palimariu

Tv Presenters / YouTube

Magda Palimariu was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania. She has charmed the Romanian audience with her presence on TV, in sports and entertainment programs. Additionally, she had a brief modeling career, becoming the face of many brands. Later, she accepted an offer from Pro TV to be their main weather forecaster. Her talent has been so well-received that she now hosts other shows on the same network.

Megan Glaros

ImfrankBlack / YouTube

Megan Glaros was a long-serving Indianapolis Colts cheerleader before she went to Christian University in Texas to study atmospheric sciences and journalism. After graduating, she joined WPLG-TV and quickly demonstrated her talent. This led to her being hired by CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning and Good Morning America. Finally, CBS 2 Chicago brought her on board as their chief weather forecaster, where she has become a well-known figure.

Angie Gonzalez

MostBeautifulTvPresenters / YouTube

Angie Gonzales had a humble beginning in Monterrey, Mexico, where she was born and raised. She started as a medical technician but was fortunate enough to be chosen to study at Mexico's Talent Education System. Here, she was then selected to test as a weather forecaster, and excelled in it. She went on to study meteorology and graduated, before being hired by Milenio TV. Today, she stands as one of the main anchors and figures of the network.

Gabriela Grechi

Gabriela Grechi / Facebook

Gabriela Grechi began her career as a sports commentator for Novastadio in Italy, interviewing professional players from the Soccer League Series A. She quickly gained recognition and began hosting various events in Italy. She then became a weather forecaster for Telelombardia's Orario Continuato and later joined Italy 1's Vipere, where she is still employed.

Sugey Abrego

Sugey Abrego / Facebook

Sugey Abrego began her career as an actress in her hometown, Veracruz. She was widely known for her roles in various telenovelas and made the cover of multiple Mexican magazines. Despite reports of her exploration of theatre, Abrego chose to accept a contract from Canal 4 to become a weather forecaster, where she is now a celebrity in Mexico.

Jennifer Delgado

SuperHaji1000 / YouTube

Jennifer Delgado is an acclaimed weather forecaster who works for CNN International and has won multiple awards. She is part of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association. In 2017, she was diagnosed with blood cancer and went through an intense treatment that included a bone marrow-stem cell transplant. Thankfully, she overcame the disease and was able to return to her job at CNN in less than four months.

Christina Loren

Christina Loren / Twitter

Christina Loren has a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from California State University-Chico. She is a Certified Meteorologist and currently works as the official weather forecaster for RFD-TV in the Greater Nashville Area. She previously worked for CBS News in Miami as a traffic anchor. She believes that the key to personal growth is to continually learn and explore new things.

Shay Ryan

ABC Action News / YouTube

Shay Ryan is an American weather anchor who holds a Master's Degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. She has provided memorable performances at WXYZ-TV, WNYW-TV, and WSA-TV, and is currently the weather forecaster and meteorologist of ABC Action News. Ryan is active on social media, where she shares her enthusiasm for baking and cooking with pictures and videos of her own recipes.

Kristi Capel

Kristi Capel / Facebook

Kristi Marie Capel, a former Miss Missouri and 2006 Miss USA pageant contestant from Kentucky, is now a popular weather forecaster on Fox 8 News in the Morning. Her beauty is undeniable and her ability to break down complex weather data and deliver it in an easy-to-understand way makes her a standout on television. She has a degree in Broadcasting and Communications from Evangel University.

Maria Molina

Maria Molina / Twitter

Maria Molina, raised in South Florida, was inspired to become a meteorologist after experiencing the destruction of Hurricane Andrew. With a Meteorology degree from the American Meteorological Society and a master's and PhD from Central Michigan University, she now works as a weather forecaster for Fox News Channel.

Vania Manzano

Santiago / YouTube

Vania Manzano has become a very popular weather forecaster on TV Azteca Jalisco and has been asked to host the new season of Extranormal, called Sin Fronteras. Reports suggest that she could be asked to star in some Mexican movies next year due to her newfound fame. Manzano originates from Mexico City and is very active on social media, posting pictures and videos of her travels and her work hosting events for Mexican brands.

Lluvia Carrillo

Lluvia Carrillo / Facebook

Lluvia Carrillo was born and raised in Mexico, and began her TV career at Televisa Deportes covering the Soccer League. She eventually moved to Monterrey al Dia and is now the official weather anchor. Lluvia also appears on Gente Regia TV and is a brand ambassador for clothing and swimwear brands.

Patricia Jaggernauth

Patricia Jaggernauth / Twitter

Patricia Jaggernauth has become a celebrity due to her job as a remote reporter for CP24 and weather forecaster for Toronto’s Breaking News, and winning an Emmy Award. Her online glam fashion boutique PJ GLAMGIRL has gained a lot of attention during the pandemic. Jaggernauth is also a popular live events host in both the US and Canada, and produces her own show, the Patricia J Show, which is shared on her Instagram stories.

Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill / Facebook

Hill, born in Texas and raised in Mexico, is well-known for presenting the weather in both English and Spanish. She is the morning and evening weather forecaster at Action 10 News and KRIS 6 News and also occasionally reports on the weather for Telemundo. Before her career as a meteorologist, Hill made it into the top 10 of the Swimsuit USA International Competition.

Susana Almeida

TvStarsPlanet / YouTube

Almeida gained fame after an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on Canal 4 Televisa Guadalajara, where she is still a weather presenter. Born in 1988, she was recently voted as the ‘Best Looking Weather Girl’ by the Daily Star Magazine. Since then, she has hosted sports and political events in Mexico, and has even been made the brand ambassador for Suzuki.

Elita Loresca

Elita Loresca / Facebook

Loresca began her career with KCBS-TV in Los Angeles as a meteorologist. She then moved to Bakersfield and joined KGPE-TV as a news associate. After two years, Loresca became part of WSVN in Miami, Florida. There, she gained notoriety for her coverage of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. She was later voted the "Sexiest Newscaster" in the US by FHM magazine.

Sian Welby

Wikimedia Commons / Sian Welby

Welby's popularity is due to her beauty as well as her creative decision to include film puns in her weather reports. This clever idea was a huge success, earning her millions of viewers and the title of best weather anchor in the United Kingdom. She is from Nottingham, and worked at Channel 5 for many years before moving to Heart, where she hosts a national radio show.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft / Twitter

Evelyn Taft is a remarkable polyglot, speaking English, Hebrew, French, and Russian. This is attributed to her parents who traveled around the world during her childhood. She is from San Francisco, California and has qualifications in meteorology from Mississippi State University and a journalism degree from the Annenberg School of Journalism. She started her career with KRON 4 and KCOY-TV before relocating to Los Angeles, California to join KCAL.

Julie Durda

wxretro / YouTube

Julie Durda was born in Sacramento, California and holds a Broadcast Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. She worked as a traffic reporter in KXTV before becoming the weather anchor at KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona. She was also a cheerleader in school and was voted as one of the "15 Hottest Weather Forecasters" in the USA by Business Insider. Currently, she is a weather forecaster in Miami, Florida.

Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez / Twitter

Naile Lopez was a well-known model in Monterrey and Miami, now working as a weather anchor for Televisa Monterrey's Las Noticias. She has also appeared on various Mexican TV shows, while also staying active on social media, posting images and videos of her workouts and dancing.

Domenica Davis

wxretro / YouTube

Davis is an Italian-American who was the host of the first ever mobile morning show, The Lift, on weather.com. She has degrees in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University and Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. She has worked at local cable stations and as a weather anchor for various channels including WAVE-TV, Bader TV, NBC 4, ION Channel, and Fox News. Although active on social media, Davis prefers to keep her personal life private.

Mayte Carranco

omar vexelius / YouTube

Mayte Carranco was born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1974. She began her career as a singer and won the Miss Televisa beauty pageant. She then joined Televisa Monterrey to become a weather forecaster, leading to her popularity growing. She was featured on the covers of various magazines, yet she decided to leave Televisa Monterrey and join FORO TV as its main star.

Kait Parker

WPTV News / YouTube

Kait Parker was inspired to pursue a career in meteorology after witnessing her father save a life during a storm. Her degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Missouri and certification from the American Meteorological Society enabled her to work on various TV channels providing weather forecasts until 2016. She now hosts a podcast called Warning Signs.

Chita Craft

KHOU 11 / YouTube

Chita Craft's friends and family were expecting her to pursue a career in sports, as she has a passion for snowboarding, skiing, golfing and tennis. But she went in a different direction, joining The Price is Right during her freshman year of college and winning big. She soon after became certified as a meteorologist, and is now the weather forecaster at Houston's KHOU. She was also awarded the "Best Media Personality" two years in a row.

Marilu Kaufman

MostBeautifulTvPresenters / YouTube

Marilu Kaufman is a well-known TV host and weather forecaster from Monterrey, Mexico. She has gained notoriety for her quick and easy-to-understand weather reports. Companies have hired her to present their ads. On social media, Marilu posts about weather, politics, workouts, and beauty reviews.

Sabrina Fein

 WMAR-2 News / YouTube

Fein was born in California but earned her Bachelor of Science and Meteorology degree from the University of Miami in 2004. Her intelligence and beauty saw her quickly become a popular weather forecaster at WFTX Fox 4. She then moved on to KUSI Television and later CW6 Bay City Television in San Diego, where she was Chief Meteorologist for five years.

Alex Wilson

drslide / YouTube

Alex Wilson is a well-known meteorologist in the US, having been at The Weather Channel in Greater Atlanta since 2013. She also works on WOWK 13 News and Fox Carolina. Wilson has two degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing, and has been passionate about the field ever since she was a child. Additionally, she loves animals and food.

Larissa Abreu

Larissa Abreu / Facebook

Larissa Abreu was born in the Dominican Republic and has two degrees: one from Barry University in Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology and another in Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Passaic County Community College. Currently, she is studying Geo Science Applied Meteorology at Mississippi State University. Abreu is the bilingual weather anchor for NBC News in San Diego, California and was previously a reporter for Latino Vision TV, gaining recognition in the Latino community.

Sheena Parveen

Newswomen / YouTube

Parveen's journey to becoming a weather forecaster began when she was a child and developed a fascination with the sky. She pursued her passion and studied meteorology at Florida State University. In 2011, she joined NBC 10 as a weather forecaster, and in turn, was hired by WVTV as the head weather forecaster for Good Day Tampa Bay. She quickly became a star of the station.

Raegan Medgie

Newswomen / YouTube

Raegan Medgie is a talented and stunning meteorologist from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She earned her degree in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University and has since won numerous awards. Medgie is currently reporting for Fox 5 New York and the Weather Channel, but she first started her career at a local cable station in Allentown, Pennsylvania before moving to WNEP ABC in Scranton and WETM NBC in New York. Although she has mentioned she loves animals and coffee, she doesn't share much about her personal life.

Bri Winkler

TVBabeCaps / YouTube

After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in Marine and Atmospheric Science, Winkler gained fame as a reporter and meteorologist for ABC7's Eyewitness News and anchor of KAMR-TV's Today in Amarillo. Hailing from Massachusetts, Winkler suffered a stroke in 2012 and embraced yoga while also advocating for the Heart/Stroke Association. Despite leaving TV two years ago, she remains a widely-known figure for her beauty and knowledge. Today, she works as a Research Assistant for Scoping Ocean Plastics in California.

Lissette Gonzalez

Lissette Gonzalez / Facebook

Lissette Gonzalez is considered a role model for the Cuban-American community, as she was born and raised in Miami. She graduated from Mississippi State University and the University of Miami, obtaining her Certified Broadcast Meteorologist degree. She was nominated for an Emmy for hosting the Access LA: de todo-Latin Explosion show and was runner-up to Miss America in 1988. She is currently the CBS4 News meteorologist since 2007.

Indra Petersons

Newswomen / YouTube

Indra Petersons, born in Los Angeles and of Latvian descent, graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Arizona. She is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the US Meteorological Society and is the meteorologist for NBC News. She has worked for KABC in LA and KVIA in Texas, but gained notoriety while working for CNN’s New Day. Indra loves to travel and has visited over 50 countries.

Janice Villagran

AS3 / YouTube

Janice Villagran was born in Oxnard, California, but was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is a very popular journalist and TV star in Latin America. She has a degree in Journalism and works as a host on Mexican TV station Estrella. Additionally, she is a medical assistant and a surgical technologist. Recently, she was appointed brand ambassador for Mexican beauty and fashion products due to her popularity on TV and social media.

Maria Quiban

Maria Quiban / Twitter

Maria Quiban, a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, began her career as a weather forecaster at KHNL in Honolulu. Originally from the Philippines, Quiban made a huge breakthrough when she became the weather anchor of the Orange County News Channel. She then joined KTTV in 2000 and is currently the weather forecaster for Fox 11's Good Day L.A. Quiban has also made cameo appearances in some popular TV series such as Everybody Hates Chris and Criminal Minds.

Dylan Dreyer

Today / Youtube

Dylan Dreyer was born in Manalapan, New Jersey, and obtained a bachelors degree in meteorology from Rutgers University in 2003. She has worked in TV news stations such as WICU in Erie, Pennsylvania, WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island, and WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts. Dreyer is now the meteorologist for NBC News and hosts her own show, Earth Odyssey, on NBC's educational nature program. She regularly appears on the Today Show on the weekends.

Jackie Guerrido

Wikimedia Commons / Jackie Guerrido

Rosario Guerrido is an incredibly talented multi-faceted person, who started out in the radio show El Vacilon de la Mañana before moving to Miami to pursue other opportunities. She eventually became a traffic reporter for Telemundo, and then Univision's weather girl for Al Amanecer de Noticias 23. She has since gone on to appear on Despierta America and Primer Impacto, where she remains to this day.

Roxana Vancea

Roxana Vancea / Facebook

Roxana Vancea is from Targu Jiu in Romania and is a highly renowned weather forecaster not only in Romania, but across Europe. Her popularity sky-rocketed due to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction live on TV. Her ratings are further boosted by her choice of clothing, often donning bikinis while doing the weather reports. She is an active presence on social media and regularly posts videos of her working out.

Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra / Facebook

Mary Gamarra has an impressive resume; she is highly experienced and talented in her career as a journalist and weather forecaster. Her qualifications include a degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University, a bachelor's in Latin American and Spanish Literature, and she is currently employed by NBC Universal, Telemundo and Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel. In addition, she runs her own website, Vida y Belleza Natural, where she writes about various subjects.

Ximena Cordoba

Kyuremser / YouTube

Ximena Cordoba, born and raised in Colombia, is a renowned journalist and meteorologist in Latin America. She rose to fame not just due to her beauty but equally because of her success in the profession. She made her debut in 2002 in the reality TV show Protagonistas de Novela, which changed her life and opened the doors to TV roles in telenovelas and hosting Colombian TV shows. She has also worked for major networks such as Univision, Telemundo, and CNN.

Liberte Chan

South of Hollywood / Youtube

Liberte Chan is an amazing woman with a beautiful appearance and a successful career. She was a nationally ranked figure skater, and has an impressive educational background, with a meteorology certificate from Mississippi State University, a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a Master’s in Public Health at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. Additionally, she loves fitness and practices yoga and other sports to stay in shape.

Cristina Blackwell

TVCapsHD / YouTube

Christina Blackwell is a well-known weather forecaster for KENS 5's Great Day in San Antonio. She has Mexican heritage on her mother's side and spent her high school years in Mexico. She then moved to Paris and studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu. In addition, she was the host of Univision 41 and the weather reporter for Despierta America.

Diana Alvarado

Brad Wilk / YouTube

Diana Alvarado has become a popular figure on social media with her posts about fashion, working out, and outdoor activities. She is the weather presenter for Mexican TV Channel 44 in Ciudad Juarez, and was Miss America International, becoming known for her figure and smile. Alvarado is also a motivational speaker and certified life coach.

Yanet Garcia

MikeWardca / YouTube

Yanet Garcia is a Mexican journalist, model, actress and businesswoman from Monterrey. She is widely known as the "World's Hottest Weather Girl" due to her stint as the official weather reporter on Televisa's show Las Noticias. She started modeling at the young age of 15 and has since made appearances in Spanish films and currently runs her own modeling academy.