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Which Marvel Movies Are the Most Feminist?

Which Marvel Movies Are the Most Feminist? July 13, 2018

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    If you aren’t already familiar with the Bechdel Test, allow us to give you a quick rundown. Essentially, it’s an easy checklist we use to measure female representation in film. There are three rules. First, there must be at least two women characters with names. Second, those women have to talk to each other. And third, their conversation has to be about something besides a man. We’ve already put the DC live action superhero lineup to the test. But what about Marvel? Since Marvel has too many live-action films to count (and some strange relationships with both Fox and Sony), we’re going to approach this as follows: only films considered to be part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe have been rated. So here’s how the ranking goes for the Marvel movies Bechdel test.

    The Incredible Hulk (2008)

    MCU Bechdel Test
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    Technically, The Incredible Hulk was released after the MCU’s first installment, 2008’s Iron Man (by a month). But if we’re judging by caliber of film here, you’d think this thing came out years prior. Yes, we’ve got two named female characters, but not only do they not talk to each other, the entire purpose of having one of them around is to calm Hulk down. One out of three, for being the worst rated Bechdel candidate and also the worst film on this list.