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The 25 Most Twisted Cartoon Villain Death Scenes

The 25 Most Twisted Cartoon Villain Death Scenes September 9, 2019Leave a comment

    Most child-friendly movies attempt to paint a rosy picture of the world with heroic characters and happily-ever-after ensured endings. When it comes to the villains of these stories, even Disney has a very permanent way of dealing with them. Below is a list of the darkest villain deaths that will be sure to trigger your childhood nightmares.

    ‘Sleeping Beauty’- Maleficent

    Walt Disney Productions

    In classic fairy-tale fashion, a princess must be rescued by the evil clutches of a fearsome creature by a brave knight. In “Sleeping Beauty,” Prince Phillip is tasked with defeating Maleficent and saving his lady love from a death-like slumber. After the witch’s transformation into a hellish dragon, the prince throws his sword and pierces her heart. Collapsing from the impact, Maleficent tumbles from the cliff and meets her end in a fiery embrace.