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Unlikely Photos That Were Surprisingly Taken At Disney Parks

Unlikely Photos That Were Surprisingly Taken At Disney Parks May 11, 2022Leave a comment

Disney World is known as the happiest place on Earth, and there are some unlikely ways to have even more fun than you expected when you first stepped through the gates. The people in these crazy photos really upped the ante when it comes to having the best day ever, and they have the photos to prove it.

Bathing Beauties


This photo takes the cake for best in-ride photo! Not only did this group obviously know where the hidden camera was on Disney's Splash Mountain ride, but they came prepared with costumes and props for the occasion. This group was probably met with a round of applause when they departed the ride.

Minnie Stole My Man


This girl looks surprised, and rightfully so! It's not every day that Minnie Mouse steals your man. Minnie always knows how to take a good picture, even if that means using the handsome guest to her left as a prop. Hopefully Mickey wasn't close enough to catch this!

That Don't Impress Me Much


Going to Disney World can be a once in a lifetime experience, which should probably be a happy occasion. But this woman had a pretty sour expression on her face as she rode the famous flume ride Splash Mountain. It turns out that her husband didn't want to join her on the ride, so she decided to use her in-ride photo to tell him how she felt about that decision!

Rock Out!


That's right, even celebrities go to Disney World and take hilarious in-ride photos! Dwayne Johnson probably didn't know that he was ruining the photo of the girl behind him on Splash Mountain by flexing his giant arms. But she probably still took the photo home as a keepsake!

The Bachelors


Everybody knows Chip and Dale, the two adorable chipmunks from Disney cartoons who always manage to get themselves into trouble. But not everyone knows the character who has stolen their hearts, Clarice Chipmunk. It looks like they both have eyes only for her.

Wardrobe Mishap


The unsuspecting woman in this photo probably has no idea that her sweatshirt turned into a major faux pas in the middle of Disney World. And she also probably has no idea that her gaff was shared and has been seen by countless people on social media!

Who is That Mouse?


A lot of people choose their trip to Disney World to break out their best Disney fashions, but this man had other plans. He wore a shirt with one of his favorite music artists on it, Deadmau5, and as soon as Minnie saw it she felt threatened by the connotation.

Like Looking In a Mirror


Pluto probably though he was looking in a mirror when he met this Golden Retriever at the Disney World park in Florida. The two dogs are basically twins, even if one is a little cartoonified. But think twice about taking your own pets to the parks, only trained service animals are allowed to accompany their owners.

Minnie's With Another Man


Minnie, Mickey and Goofy are all close friends. They are even neighbors in Toontown. But ask anyone and they'll probably say that holding hands with your best friend's girlfriend is a pretty rotten thing to do. I wonder what Donald will have to say about this.

High Score!


Disney World is the best amusement park for people of all ages, but that doesn't mean that adults will always have as much fun as their kids. This dad couldn't even crack a smile as he was getting obliterated by his son's score on the Buzz Lightyear ride at the Florida resort.

Dinner For Two?


This couple and their server must be rollercoaster experts. Not only did they time their photo perfectly, they also brought props and kept perfect composure as the ride snapped their pic. And they came dressed to the nine's as well!

Mouse Meets Dog


There's nothing cuter than getting a picture of your kids with the mouse himself. The one thing that may be even more precious is getting a photo of your pet alongside Mickey. The way the two animals are touching noses is absolutely adorable.

Spur-of-the-Moment Proposal


The best part about this theme park proposal is that the woman has no idea that she's even being proposed to! She'll find that out later when her boyfriend points out their in-ride photo, at about the same moment that she'll wish that she was able to keep her composure a bit better during the ride.

Do We Have Time For a Game?


What's better than having a normal amount of fun on an amusement park ride? Having an extreme amount of fun by adding a couple of games into the mix! It's anyone's guess if these guys were able to hold onto all of their game pieces during the steep drop, but we bet they didn't let a single Jenga block fall.

No One Says Yes Like Gaston


The man proposing to Gaston in this photo decided to bring an engagement ring to Disney World to propose to his favorite princesses. But he knew the reaction he would want to see most to this engagement prank was Gaston's. And his reaction was perfectly in character and hilarious.

Go Back to Start


Splash Mountain isn't exactly a ride for the faint of heart. The sudden drop that occurs when your picture is taken is pretty jarring, and you should be expected to be soaked by the oncoming splash. Keep that in mind when you see someone who's able to keep their composure long enough to take a photo like this!

Sleeping Beauty and Grumpy


Pictures taken at Disney World can be pretty great to show your kids when they're older. Not only will they remember the fun they had on the rides, they'll also remember the joyous times that they got to meet their favorite Disney characters. That is, if they were happy to see them in the first place.

Little Buzz


Adults aren't allowed to dress up as Disney characters at the parks as not to confuse children, but kids are free to put on whatever costume they wish. This little Buzz Lightyear got to meet his hero and the pictures that came out of the experience are truly heartwarming.

Who, Me?


There's no better way to amp up your amusement park game than by timing your in-ride photos very carefully. The photos you'll get at the end of your vacation will be much more memorable than the people who saved the photos of themselves screaming on rollercoasters over and over again.

Duck, Duck, Goose!


Families aren't the only guests who frequent Disneyland. Plenty of ducks and other birds call the parks home, too! And it looks like Donald sure was surprised to see these members of his extended family tree wandering around. Mickey would probably choose not to cause a scene if a guess found a mouse closeby.

Snoop Goof


Celebrity sightings at the Disney parks isn't exactly a rare occurrence, in fact, it seems like the only people who can afford Disney's surging prices are the rich and famous. But it's not every day you see rapper Snoop Dogg embody his alter ego Goofy the dog.

Taylor's Day Out


That's right, even Taylor Swift spends her days off at Disney World. Many people aren't aware that you can pay extra to be chauffeured around the parks. And if you pay for this perk, you'll also be able to skip the lines on every ride. There's no way Taylor was spending her whole day at the park waiting in line!

A Pug's Dream

Instagram / Doug the Pug

This sweet pup is world famous, which is how he was able to accompany his owners into the Disney park. He probably got to ride the teacups too, which is an experience that has been known to very few dogs over the years. What a lucky guy!

A Legend-ary Experience

Instagram / Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen always look fab, but they can't outshine Tiana from Disney's "Princess and the Frog." Their adorable kids also seem to be having a great time accompanied by the animated princess, who would do the same thing even if the kids didn't have famous parents.

A Shocking Proposal


Seeing someone pop the question in public is always a bit of a surprise. As surprised as this new fiancé was, she was no match for the woman behind her, who was stunned to even witness a real life proposal. Hopefully she said yes, it's hard to imagine what face the woman behind them would make otherwise.

An Unlikely Duo

Facebook / Disney

Steve Carell has worked on a few Disney projects in his day, but he can still act like a tourist when he comes to Disney World. Until the performers working at the park recognize him, because then they'll probably start asking to take their photo with him instead of the other way around.

Best of Both Worlds

YouTube / Disney

Ever since Disney acquired the "Star Wars" films back in 2012, there have been more and more opportunities to see your favorite villains and heroes in the flesh at the parks. But it's still pretty jarring to see Darth Vader at Disney World for the people who grew up with the sci-fi movies.

Don't Stand Down Wind


This feature in the amusement park expels white smoke on occasion, so if you can time it correctly, you too can impress your friends and family with your incredible farting skills. You'll probably also keep other tourists away and be able to maintain your personal space bubble for a while afterwards.

Odd One Out


This girl and her two older brothers are clearly having a great time. At least, the boys are. Their sister is definitely used to their antics by now, judging by the look on her face. It's pretty impressive to be able to maintain such a stone-cold stare on one of the most fun rides in the world.

Time to Ponder


What's the biggest problem with amusement parks? That there's no way to enjoy philosophical conversations and ponderous games with your buds. There's way too much fun to be had on all those rides to really take the time and enjoy a game of Jenga. Well, at least that's the case for some people.

Where'd They Go?


Tigger is always one for being a practical joker, so don't be surprised if he adds something funny to your family photos. Here he covered the faces of both children he took pictures with, much to their parents' chagrin. If they didn't want any jokes, they should've gone to see Pooh!

Major Ick Factor


Disney vacations are for the whole family. With spas, sporting events and gourmet eats at the resorts, there's no reason that parents shouldn't have as much fun as their kids! But just don't let those kids find out that their parents are having fun, it might ruin the vibe.

A Rare Sighting


Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel are two pretty popular people on the internet. They both have millions of followers on social media, but at Disneyland, more people are interested in getting their picture taken with Heimlich, the silly caterpillar from "A Bug's Life," strangely enough!

Pluto's Handler


You can meet Mickey and Minnie and all their friends at the Disney parks around the world, but don't expect to keep a conversation with them. These characters are pretty much always silent, which is probably why this woman looks so peeved.

Sly Mouse


Disney is always at the forefront of technology. Their rides use some pretty sophisticated software to operate the characters you see, and that includes new advancements to the Mickey and Minnie mascots. They can now open their mouths and close their eyes, which means that you can catch them mid-blink like this sly Mickey.

Like Fishy, Like Minnow


Disney World is an incredible place for children of all ages. Whether you're a toddler or you're raising your kids, you can show up in a mermaid tail and feel like the belle of the ball! This mother gave her daughter an experience she'll never forget by letting her dress like her favorite Disney princess, and dressing up right alongside her.

Even Snow White Has to Clock In

Alamy Stock

Kids may think that working at the Disney parks is the best job in the whole world, and while there are certainly a lot of perks to working for the mouse, including free park admission and discounts on food and other items, the princesses still have to put in a ton of hours under the hot Florida sun while wearing full makeup and costumes. But at least they know how to smile through it!

Don't Wanna Get In the Way


Disney World is a place where many magical things happen, including weddings and engagements! Thankfully, the man in the front of this photo knew it was best for him to get out of the photographer's way as quickly as possible. But that doesn't mean he was able to actually get out of the shot.

Beauty and the Beasts


Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" is known for many things including his grouchiness and loud growls, so it's no surprise that he chose to cover the faces of the young kids who came to get their picture taken with him. Thankfully Belle didn't pull any other pranks on their sister!

Andy's Coming!


There's an old urban legend that is frequently shared online that states that if you say the phrase "Andy's coming!" in the presence of characters from the "Toy Story" movies while at the Disney parks, they have to drop to the ground to look like lifeless toys. This myth isn't totally true, but there are a few photos of the park's mascots in their toy poses.

If You Can't Take the Fun


Most kids think that they want to spend the whole day at Disneyland, but they quickly find out that it's pretty tiresome to walk around the parks in the California heat all day. This young one found out pretty quickly that she needed a nap— she's only a few steps into the park at this point.

Toontown Isn't So Safe


There's tons of photo-ops around Disneyland including Sleeping Beauty's castle and plenty of places to get your pictures taken with iconic Disney characters. But for creative folks, every prop can be the inspiration for a photo that will be shared with if not the whole family, the entire Internet.