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20 Signs You Might Be An Empath

20 Signs You Might Be An Empath March 30, 2018

signs of an empath

    So your friends say you’re too sensitive. You pick up on other people’s moods, even when they’re trying to fake it. Animals and babies love you. If this sounds like your life, chances are you’re an empath. Empaths have an extrasensory ability to feel the emotional state of those around them. Which is cool until those emotions start taking over the day to day. So if you’re feeling like you feel a little too much, here are the most common signs of an empath you should look out for.

    You feel others’ feelings

    signs of an empath
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    It isn’t just one of those things where you can tell your best friend is down because they’re your best friend. You pick up on everyone’s feelings: friends, neighbors, the cute bartender who obviously has a thing for you but is too much of a wuss to speak up about it. And their feelings sort of become your feelings when you’re around them.