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39 Fitness Gadgets That Will Help You Reach Your Health Goals

39 Fitness Gadgets That Will Help You Reach Your Health Goals March 25, 2022Leave a comment

If you’re looking for some extra motivation to reach your fitness goals or just a little variety in your usual workout routine, these products could make all the difference for you! You might not even realize that with a little extra help from one of these products, you could finally make the progress that you’ve been striving for all year. 

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Resistance Bands that Help Build Muscle Tone

Instead of adding heavy weights into your home workout routine, try utilizing resistance bands instead. Using these stretchy, elastic bands will add tension and resistance to your workout, helping you build muscle tone and get stronger without changing your usual workout regimen. 

Tangle-Free Jump Rope with Adjustable Handles

This jump rope is the only one you’ll ever need in your collection. The rope itself is made of steel wires that are coated in a strong PVC material and its foam handles are easy to grip for people of all ages. And the moisture-wicking feature of the handles ensures that they won’t slip out of your hands even during the most strenuous workout. 

Medicine Balls for Strength and Crossfit Training

Anyone who is interested in Crossfit training would benefit from their own set of high-density medicine exercise balls. The easy to grip surface on these Slam Balls helps you get a firm grip and they come in seven sizes ranging from 10 to 40 pounds and the company also offers five great colors. They are especially great if you’re looking to improve your muscle mass and burn more calories.

Yoga Knee Pads Are a Must

There’s nothing worse than starting a yoga or pilates workout and immediately feeling a strain on your knees and elbows. If that happens to you, you should have at least one of these knee pads at your disposal. Designed by yogis to help you maintain balance and stability, these pads are also eco-friendly and come in four great colors.

Calf Compression Sleeves For Long Runs

Goodbye shin splints! These compression sleeves for men and women help relieve leg pain during and after long runs, or even just while you’re working. Whether you are training for a long marathon or you find yourself on your feet all day, these sleeves with kinesiology toping technology naturally alleviate pain and aid in recovery. 

Smart and Water-Resistant Activity Fitness Tracker 

This Amazon watch with built-in Alexa can not only help you track your workouts, it can also help you understand which exercises are best for you! With blood oxygen level monitoring and a built-in sleep tracker, you can make sure that you’re making the best choices for your overall health. 

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set For Relaxation 

The DoSensePro mat is designed to relax you after your workout. This pressure point mat has all the benefits of a professional massage without the exorbitant cost! And the set comes in a convenient carrying case so you can take it with you to the gym or a more relaxing setting. 

Grip Strength Trainer with Adjustable Resistance

If you’re a weight lifter or enjoy rock climbing, this tool is vital. Even tennis players and musicians can benefit from improving their grip strength! This tool can also alleviate pain from arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and tendon surgery.

Stylish Exercise Ball For Engaging Abdominal and Leg Muscles

The Luno exercise ball is the perfect addition to your home. The soft exterior is a welcome change from traditional yoga balls and it looks stylish in any home or office. Plus, the premium anti-burst PVC inner ball is as durable as any other yoga ball on the market and will be replaced if there are any defects.

Smart Posture Trainer with Trainer App

If a posture collar isn’t your style or you’d like to find something a little more discreet to wear to the office and around town, this small and compact posture corrector is for you! This tech tool can help you track your progress and develop a daily habit of great posture with the help of smart phone alerts and multi-sensor technology.

Buttery Soft Leggings in 27 Colors 

These highly-rated leggings are the best thing to wear for your workout, no matter if you’re weight lifting or doing yoga. These leggings are made from a mix of nylon and spandex, allowing for maximum flexibility. The pants also have a matte finish and seamless waistband for full coverage and control. 

Smart Scale with BMI Calculator 

This highly-rated scale comes with a smartphone app that works in connection with any other fitness app you may already be using including Fitbit and Google Fit. The scale measures 13 different body measurements including BMI, body fat percentage, weight and bone mass.

Doorway Pull Up Bar for Home Workouts

With six separate non-slip hand positions, you can work out many different muscle groups with this pull-up bar that can fit in any standard doorway with little installation time. Its heavy duty construction is built to last and can hold weight up to 300 pounds, making it perfect for home workouts.

Durable Jumping Exercise Box

If you frequent the gym just to use the stair-climber or other similar tools, you might find that it’s more cost efficient to get one of these exercise boxes in your own home! One box comes with three different heights, 20-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch, with a slip-free surface. The box also weighs 16 pounds so there’s no chance it will slip out from under you. 

Balance Ball Trainer For Ab Workouts 

For those looking to increase their core strength, it’s a great idea to bump up your workout with a balance ball. And this tool is great to use for people of all mobility levels, from athletes to seniors. The balance ball can assist you during your workout or help you retrain your muscles for better balance and stability. 

Wooden Rings for Full Body Workout

If you have a mounting structure in your home, you can take advantage of these wooden rings that are just like the ones Olympians use! The thick gymnastic-style rings are durable and support up to 1500 pounds. That makes them the perfect tool to work on your grip and arm strength without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Foam Roller For Deep Tissue Massage

With a variety of bright colors to choose from, this foam roller could be the thing that takes your post-workout attitude from ouch to wow! The lightweight, yet rugged roller with a solid core makes for a great massage that can help you deal with muscle pain and increase your flexibility after your workout.

Push Up Bars for At-Home Strength Training

These sturdy and stable non-skid push up bars are perfect for smaller workout spaces. And their intuitive design will give you a steady grip so you can spend more time focusing on your muscle gains than installation of this set of bars. They’re built to last and will help you complete countless years of great workouts. 

Balance Ball Chair for Home and Office

Not only does this chair help maintain excellent posture and activate your core muscles, but it can also help keep you energized and focused while you’re at your desk. This chair was designed by health and fitness experts to help alleviate back pain and soreness associated with sitting for long periods of time.

Transportable Under-Desk Elliptical Machine

Working from home has made many of us more sedentary, as few of us having standing desks or other home workout tools. But this portable and compact mini-elliptical machine is the perfect solution for this problem! This leg exerciser can be switched between eight different resistance levels to help strengthen your leg muscles. 

Yoga Swing with Free Video Series

Working out your body doesn’t have to be stressful. Did you know that aerial arts can help you increase your strength, build your core muscles and help your flexibility? With a tool like this yoga swing, you can get all the benefits of an intense workout while flying through the air. This trapeze set is ultra-durable and can hold up to 600 pounds.

Sleek and Stylish Fitness Journal and Workout Planner 

If you have any fitness goals, it would be wise to find a nice planner to keep track of your workouts so you can see your results in real time. 

One review says, “I love fitness, but it was becoming a lot of work to figure out workouts each day. When I found this workout planner, it was life changing. I began to plan my workouts for the week on Sunday’s, and can jump into them each day without wasting time to search for workouts!”

Running Belt for Phone Storage

If you’re a long distance runner, this discreet and lightweight belt is the perfect accessory to carry everything you need when you’re out and about.

One review states, “This works perfectly for a hands free workout! This is very comfortable while walking and you can't even notice that you're wearing it as it hides discreetly under your shirt!”

Isometric Strength Training Device With Trainer App

Described as a “tiny gym in your pocket,” this device and app will help you take the guess work out of your workouts! 

One review says, “I recommend this for individuals looking to maintain strength while balancing the demands of work and life. The games are entertaining and the workouts are approachable but challenging. It's working out muscle groups I have neglected before!”

True to Size Women’s Running Shoes

Great running shoes can unfortunately be hard to come by, and it’s tough to find long-lasting shoes at an affordable price, but thankfully, these shoes won’t break the bank.

One review states, “These shoes were a great motivator to get out and do it! They feel very supportive and have a thick sole, which I like a lot. Thin laces stayed tied and are short so they don't require double tie or flop everywhere. Great sneakers!”

Phone Holder for Workouts on the Go

This portable phone holder can mount to most flat surfaces, so if you find yourself with your phone but no other workout equipment, you can easily follow an online routine without keeping hold of your phone!

One review says, “Wow, real sturdy and strong grip, and very flexible applications.”

Leakproof Water Bottle with Drinking Straw

Anyone who workouts on a regular basis should never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. This water bottle comes with convenient markers so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. And if you’re making the switch from sugary drinks to water, this bottle could be the daily reminder you need to reach your goals!

Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager

For the price of one massage, you could instead buy this back and neck massager that has 8 different modes for complete relaxation. It also utilizes heat to help ease muscles and lessen tension.

One review states, “My neck pain is gone, it works fantastic on the lower back, and it feels like a real human massaging you.”

Stretchy and Moisture-Wicking Headband 

This cost-effective product packs the best bang for your buck if you’ve got long hair. The stylish and colorful headband set comes in packs of four, so you can wear a different one every day!

One review states, “If I was smart enough to think about the future, I would have made this purchase much sooner.”

Adjustable Easy-to-Use Posture Corrector

This lightweight posture corrector manually reminds you to maintain good posture and will help you develop the muscle memory to make your good posture a permanent habit in your life.

One review states, “Buying this inexpensive posture corrector was all it took! Now I sit up straight at work and the pain and tension is relieved in my shoulders and my neck!”

Pulse Muscle Massager with Carrying Case

With 24 preprogrammed massage modes, this tool can help you wind down after a long workout or just destress after a long day. 

One review states, “I had chronic pain for years and discovered this machine and it changed me forever. It's easy to use comes with everything you need to get started plus they give you a coupon for another set of electrode pads for free after you activate your warranty.”

Hydration Tracker With Quick Results

This hydration tracker doesn’t require an app to use and quickly grabs your attention with a blinking light, so you know when you need more water. Staying hydrated isn’t always easy, but with a tool like this you can be sure that you’re staying healthy even when your mind is on other things!

Ab Roller Comes With Knee Pads

When it comes to at-home workouts, you can’t beat an ab roller to get the six pack of your dreams! One review says, “This ab roller is wider than the cheaper alternatives and that's exactly what I wanted because I always find myself teetering with the more narrow wheels. Overall, this a great product that anyone can use!”

Easy-to-Use Wrist Strengthener

This heavy-duty wrist exerciser is adjustable and can help improve wrist strength between tough workouts, such as weight lifting. 

One review states, “Great physical therapy device for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and more... strengthens the wrist and forearm muscles without straining the hand by requiring an intense grip such as with free weights.”

Foldable and Height-Adjustable Mini Trampoline

With a diameter of 40 inches, this small trampoline can be utilized by children and adults who are looking for a fun addition to their workout routine!

One review states, “Easy to assemble, light to carry, and perfect size for your basement or other busy room. Perfect for daily quick exercises, happy hours for kids, stress reliever and energy drainer.”

Wireless Light-Weight Bluetooth Earbuds

This affordable earbuds set comes with a charging case and superior sound quality to other earbuds on the market. The battery life is about six hours and a full charge of the case will give you three full charges, so you can use these on the go! One review states, “Another great TOZO product. If you want earbuds that are no nonsense, that simply work great and comfortable.. These are it!”

Highly Water Resistant Sports Duffle Bag

This bag comes in a variety of sizes, so whether you’re a gym rat with a ton of equipment or a casual athlete who needs an easy place to store your gear, you can travel in style with this bag from Under Armour. 

One review breaks down the size guide, “Medium is a great sized bag! It’s great for the gym, where I can put a basketball, pair of shoes, toiletry bag, and a change of clothes easily in this bag. Even with all that, there’s still a ton of room for other things.”

Smart Phone-Holding Arm Band

Made with moisture-wicking fabric, this arm band will conveniently hold your mobile device while you’re working out, so you can continue to listen to your tunes, or at least know that your phone is safe while you’re out for a jog. 

One review states, “I love this! The armband is lightweight and does not slide down. I can store my phone without the hassle and it easily goes with me while exercising.”

High Protein Healthy Snack Box

By far, the most important part of your workout is the food you use to fuel yourself and this healthy and protein-rich pack has everything you could need to keep your energy levels up throughout the day! Included in this pack are cookies, almond butter, muffins, jerky and plenty of other options all in one convenient shipment. 

Durable Mace Bell For Strength Training

This mace bell is currently available in a 7 pound and 25 pound option, so whether you’re a beginner to strength training or you are looking to make extra muscle gains in your workout, this tool can help.

One review calls this product “A well made piece of equipment! Nice thick handle that will develop grip strength as you move through your Mace workout.”