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Beautiful Abandoned Locations That Showcase Nature’s True Beauty

Beautiful Abandoned Locations That Showcase Nature’s True Beauty December 1, 2021Leave a comment

There's an endless list of wonders around the globe that are ready to be explored. While some of these objects were discarded and forgotten, other places have been neglected and entirely absorbed by nature.

Some of these mysterious spots include an abandoned mine, a Harley-Davidson graveyard, an abandoned yellow house in Nova Scotia, and even a Soviet hydrofoil. While some of them are in a complete state of disarray, there’s something hauntingly beautiful about these eerie locations.

An Abandoned Farmhouse in Ontario, Canada

Alamy Stock

This photo of an old abandoned farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, is most puzzling because it shows a beautiful, luscious green lawn that seems to be thriving on its own even though the property seems to be completely wrecked.

Who would bother to take care of the lawn by watering it and mowing it while completely neglecting the trees and the exterior of the property?

An Abandoned Space Shuttle in Kazakhstan

Livejournal / Ralph Mirebs

The Baikonur Cosmodrome was a secret space port in an area of Kazakhstan that was leased to the Russians. From here, Yuri Gagarin became the first cosmonaut to launch into space in April 1961.

The space shuttle known as the Buron flew once in November 1988, but there were several test flights that included 24 on Earth. The shuttle’s cabin was designed for up to 6 passengers. Unfortunately, the project never took off because the government in the area fell in 1991. So, the shuttle has remained abandoned here ever since.

A Sunken Volkswagen Beetle in Mexico

Instagram / karinaoliani

This Volkswagen has certainly seen better days, but no one actually drove it into the sea. It’s actually a part of an underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico. There are over 500 sculptures like this one.

That’s right, this is a replica of the classic Volkswagen Beetle and is home to various marine life. Those looking to take a gander at this sunken Beetle can go snorkeling or diving. But those who would rather stay dry have the option of taking a ride on a boat with a glass bottom.

The Yellow House in Nova Scotia

Reddit / cedarshakes82

This home in Nova Scotia is surrounded by a field of dandelions. Perhaps this was the inspiration behind the owner’s decision to paint the home bright yellow. As far as why this home was abandoned, many believe that a lack of opportunity to grow because of the bad economy in the region forced the original owners to simply abandon it once their parents died.

German Fishing Hut on a Lake


Located in the mountain region of Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany is this fishing hut. It was built right on Obersee Lake, but no one really knows by whom. By the time someone discovered the property, it was empty, but locals believe that it was once used by fishermen in the area who wanted to enjoy the beautiful German alps in the background and relax while they waited for a fish to latch on to their fishing hooks.

The Abandoned Selma Plantation Estate in Virginia

Tumblr / Jimmy O'Donnell

The Selma Plantation Estate in Virginia was once a shining example of good old southern living. But when the estate’s original owners dealt with several deaths in the family, they decided to sell the property. As time went on, a fire broke out causing major damage to the home, but a new owner patched things up and restored it to its former glory. Unfortunately, the house was eventually abandoned and started to fall apart. But rumor has it that a new owner began restoring the property in 2016.

Abandoned Church in Karo, Indonesia

AFP / iStock

The area surrounding the Mount Sinabung volcano in Karo, Indonesia, became too dangerous for people to live in. So, many of the man-made structures in the area, like this church, were abandoned. This was particularly necessary in June 2015, when an eruption blanketed the sky and surrounding area with ash and smoke.

The people who lived in these structures ended up in refugee camps until things in the area calmed down. But while some folks left for good, others did return to the village in hopes of getting some of their old lives back.

The Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

Flickr / Theo van Vliet

The cars in this graveyard belonged to United States soldiers. During World War II, these soldiers would acquire vehicles during their stay. But when the war ended and they were called back home, the soldiers discovered that it cost too much to ship the vehicles to the US. The officers did have the option to ship their vehicle at their own expense but the military wasn’t willing to pay. So, the soldiers parked the cars on top of a hill in Chatillon village in Southern Belgium and left them there.

Abandoned Ferris Wheel in Japan

Instagram / suspiciousminds

This Ferris wheel in Japan is pretty impressive and also quite abandoned much like the theme park it’s located in. But back in 1979, the Kejonuma Leisure Land theme park was packed with more than 200,000 guests a year. But it had more than just fun rides.

The park also offered campsites and huts for their guests as well as a hotel for those looking for a more modern place to rest. Unfortunately, the park shut down in 2000, but the owner still uses the property to drill for hot water.

Abandoned Cottage in Stadbally, Ireland

Facebook / Green Renaissance

This might look like a beautiful oil painting of a cottage, but this abandoned structure is located on the outskirts of Stradbally, Ireland. According to local tales, the property was likely built around the 1800s or 1900s in the yellow forest. Anyone stumbling through the woods should have no trouble finding it as it has a vibrant blue roof that sets it apart from most cottages. So, anyone looking to take a break from the hectic city life should consider spending a few days here.

Christ of the Abyss in Italy


Located in the waters of San Fruttuoso, Italy, is a bronze statue of Christ. It is said that it was one of three that were made and later placed intentionally in the water. The first statue was completed in 1954 and placed near the area where Dario Gonzatti died in 1947. Gonzatti had been the first Italian to use Scuba equipment. Unfortunately, crustaceans and corrosion forced the city to remove the statue to restore it in 2003. Once the statue was fixed, it was placed back in its original position in 2004.

Abandoned 12th Century Irish Castle


McDermott’s Castle is located on an island in the southeastern corner of Lough Key in Roscommon, Ireland. But the 12th century fortress was practically destroyed by a fire in 1184 when lightning struck it. Eventually, the McDermotts decided to build another castle, but when the family lost the island, they were forced to abandon the castle as well. And the structure has remained abandoned except for that time in 2014 when the castle was used on a TV series named “Moone Boy.”

Supermarket in Fukushima


In March 2011, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck the Fukushima area. The quake also led to a nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. This forced the evacuation of everyone in town and what remained behind were homes and stores like this supermarket completely abandoned. But to this day, the floor remains littered with products that fell when the quake hit.

The Circle Bridge

Instagram / jacob riglin

This 19th-century arched bridge appears to be a complete circle whenever the light hits it and creates and identical upside-down reflection in the water. But you won’t need to travel in time to Middle Earth. It’s actually located in Germany and there’s something extremely familiar about it like something one would expect to see in a painting from artist Thomas Kincaid or as a backdrop in fantasy films like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

An Abandoned Tu-144 Jet

Twitter/abandonedspaces | livejournal/gelio

Most people don’t have a backyard big enough to hold a jet. But in the backyard of this property outside of Kazan City, Russia, there is a massive TU-144 super-sonic passenger jet just sitting there. It was accidentally discovered by passersby who put the word out on the jet.

Soon, photographers from all over started using drones to snap aerial photographs of this metallic beast. Some drone videos even showed that someone was starting up the plane though it never took off. But it’s still a mystery as to why someone even has this jet in their yard.

Abandoned Theater in Norwich State Hospital in Connecticut

Facebook / Abandoned America

The Norwich State Hospital opened its door with 95 patients in 1904. By 1915, it had over 1,000 patients and by 1955, that number grew to 3,186. And there were various buildings that were linked by a network of underground tunnels. One of those tunnels led to this theater.

But rumor has it that it was a horrible place filled with mentally unstable patients, some of whom were considered criminally insane. There were also rumors that the staff had questionable ethics when it came to treating their patients. Eventually, the hospital was shut down in 1996, but reports of murders and suicides have fueled ghost stories over the years.

Abandoned Soviet Passenger Hydrofoil

Reddit / u/chriscambridge

This Soviet passenger Hydrofoil was found abandoned and rusty in the forest near the Kama Reservoir in Russia. Back in the 1960s, Russia introduced these passenger hydrofoils that allowed people to travel the waterways quicker. But this particular model had the ability to rise up from the water at high speeds. They continued to be used up until the 1980s. Unfortunately, production on these vehicles ceased when the Soviet Union collapsed.

U.S. WWII Lockheed P-38 Lightning Plane in Wales

Joseph Mearman / Bangor University / CC

After remaining buried for 65 years under the shallow water and sand in Wales, a submerged US WWII Lockheed P-38 Lightning plane emerged. But how did the plane end up here in the first place? Well, in 1942, pilot Robert F. Elliot was on a practice mission when he had to make an emergency landing as a result of a fuel supply malfunction.

But as the plane landed, its belly sheared a wing-tip off in the water and eventually sank. Luckily Elliot escaped that time, but he was shot down aboard another plane three months later and his body was never recovered.

Old Farmhouse in Switzerland


Sitting in the middle of this purple meadow in Orpund, Canton Bern in Switzerland, is this beautiful old farmhouse. Although the building is abandoned and it has clearly seen better days, it still looks like a majestic painting with the beautiful terrain and the sunset in the background. Unfortunately, one of the reasons farmhouses like this one were abandoned was because the area made growing crops unsuitable because of the climate.

The Abandoned Train Track in a Forest

Flickr / journeywithlight

The Jiancing Historical Trail near the Taipingshan Villa in Taiwan used to be a logging railway that spanned 5.5 kilometers. It was eventually turned into a hiking trail that spanned 2.3 kilometers in 2004. Unfortunately, a typhoon struck the area hard and left only 900 meters of the original hiking trail. And it has remained this size ever since because the area has remained unstable as a result of the typhoon and opening the rest of the trail would be dangerous.

Huge Hole Spilled Diamonds Until 2001

Reddit / hashamean

The Mir Diamond Mine is located in Mirny in Eastern Siberia, Russia, and was constructed in 1957. At that time, it started spilling diamonds out of this giant man-made hole that’s been dubbed the “Navel of the Earth.” Unfortunately, after years of producing diamond after diamond, the hole stopped what it was intended to do in 2001 and then diamond mine finally shut down completely in 2011. But the structure an the hole itself is still out there.

Atkins Hall Apartments in Cork, Ireland

Blogspot / paddys-wagon

The Atkins Hall Apartments in Cork, Ireland, was not the kind of place people voluntarily looked forward to living in back in the 1800s. At that time, this was a three-story mental asylum that housed male patients on one side and female patients on the other. Other buildings were eventually added like the gate lodge and the Church of Ireland. Eventually, the asylum was turned into an apartment complex, but half of it remains abandoned.

Abandoned Rollercoaster in Nara Dreamland, Japan

Imgur / [deleted]

The Nara Dreamland was once a thriving theme park in Japan that turned into a graveyard for several amusement rides, including the Screw Coaster, a roller coaster that came complete with challenging twists that made hearts race.

The other formerly popular roller coaster at this theme park was the wooden roller coaster named Aska, which provided a great view of Nara Dreamland before passengers were forced to experience a frightening descent. The theme park was supposed to get demolished but remains standing.

Former Treatment House from Baile Govora in Valcea County, Romania

Reddit / rockystl

This former treatment house, aka sanatorium, was built in the shape of the capital letter E in the 1900s. It had 145 rooms at the time it opened in 1915. Then another 19 rooms were built but weren’t completed because the war broke out. Some of the treatments performed at this sanatorium included electro and water therapy.

After the war, a series of compressed air cabinets were built to help patients with upper respiratory health problems. But as communism spread throughout the area, tourism took a dive and buildings like this one were eventually abandoned.

The Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

Flickr / Chris Luckhardt

On August 25, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the east coast of the United States and one of the places that suffered the most damage was New Orleans. As a result, many places were abandoned due to structural damage, including this Six Flags Amusement Park.

Although many years have passed since Katrina ravaged this place, the city has revisited different suggestions on what to do with the property. Some believe that it’s worth restoring the various thrill rides and reopening the park, but so far, no plans to fix this area have been approved.

The Búðakirkja Church in Iceland

Instagram / Amuletevents

The Búðakirkja church is located in Búðir near a beach and lava field in Iceland. The original church was built way back in 1703 but was taken apart only to be reconstituted centuries later in 1987. The Búðakirkja church still has the original bell, a chalice, and even the old graveyard from the previous church. And over the years, couples have chosen this black colored church with white windows to get married in and take photos outside.

Abandoned Home in Oregon


This rundown wooden home in Boyd, Oregon, looks like something that came out of old west. It’s surrounded by a field of wheat. The area is nothing more than a ghost town and it has been this way since businesses left the area in 1955.

At the time, the town was unable to make enough wheat revenue to stay afloat because of the aftermath of the Great Depression. And tourists weren’t visiting the town either so businesses continued to fail. Eventually, everyone just left but there is an old wooden grain elevator that continues to produce grain to this day.

Dome Houses in Southwest Florida

Instagram / [deleted]

A retired oil producer named Bob Lee, built a series of dome houses in 1980 in Cape Romano, which is near Naples, Florida. They might not seem like much but they used to have windows that offered a nice view of the beach. They were also solar-powered, too. The dome houses were eventually sold to John Tosto in 2005 shortly before Hurricane Wilma swarmed through the area and causing significant damage to the properties and the coastline in general.

An Abandoned Italian Castle

Instagram / henkvanrensbergen

There are tons of castles throughout Italy that have been abandoned. Some of them are even on sale and fully restored. Others require a great deal of maintenance and this castle is one of them. It’s evident in this photo that while exploring this abandoned castle would be cool, one would have to watch their step to avoid falling over the areas where the floors have collapsed. But it doesn’t make it any less beautiful with its balconies, winding stairs and massive basements.

Sunken Boats on Moreton Island in Queensland, Australia

YouTube / Australian Sunset Safaris

Sunken boats are often the result of an encounter with a natural or man-made disaster. But the sunken boats on Moreton Islands were on purpose to create a safe harbor for smaller boats in Queensland, Australia. These former boats were once used as barges and steam dredges, some of whom date back all the way to 1963. The sunken boats were placed there at the request of small boat owners.

The Swallow’s Nest Castle in Ukraine

Reddit / earthmoonsun

The Swallow’s Nest Castle is located on top of Aurora Cliff in Southern Ukraine and overlooks Cape Ai-Todor of the Black Sea. It was built in 1911 by a rich oil merchant. But before that, the area where the castle would be built upon used to be a wooden cottage built in 1895 and dubbed “The Castle of Love.” Unfortunately, anyone looking to find a Disney princess behind these walls will be sorely disappointed as the castle remains abandoned.

Halcyon Hall at Bennett College in Millbrook, New York

Flickr / josepha / CC 2.0

Halcyon Hall was built on the grounds of Bennett College in Millbrook, New York. It was originally intended to be a luxurious five-story hotel complete with 200 rooms back in 1890. Unfortunately, the hotel shut down in 1901.

Then in 1907, a New York school teacher relocated her school for girls to the former hotel and had other buildings built as well. This area eventually became a junior college known as Bennett College. But by 1977, financial struggles forced the college to go bankrupt and was abandoned until its demolishment in 2014.

Abandoned Gentzrode in Germany

Wikimedia Commons / Doris Antony / CC 3.0

Located in Neuruppin, Brandeburg, Germany is the abandoned Gentzrode that was once home to Karl von Diebitsch’s son, Ludwig. The young man wanted a mansion fit for a king complete with luscious gardens and even a family mausoleum.

The renovations were completed around 1877 but all the money he put into the renovation left him and his family bankrupt. Eventually, the Gentzrode was handed to several different owners over the years, including the Nazis. But when their forces left the area, the property was abandoned.

I.M. Cooling Tower in Belgium

Flickr / brokenview

The I.M. Cooling Tower was a power station built in 1921 in Belgium. At the time, it was considered one of the largest coal burning plants in the country and was the main energy source for the town of Charleroi in 1977. The tower had the power to cool down 480,000 gallons of water a minute.

But as time went on, it was discovered that the tower had produced 10 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions in Belgium. And soon, Greenpeace started to protest which ultimate led to the plant being shut down in 2007. But the tower still remains.

Lucy the Elephant Hotel in New Jersey

Wordpress / Vintageeveryday

In 1881, a building in the form of an elephant was built. It was known as Lucy the Elephant Bazaar and came complete with winding staircases that led to the howdah, a type of seat where guests could ride on top of the giant elephant. Unfortunately, poor Lucy caught on fire back when the building was being used as a tavern.

In another incident, Lucy’s howdah was blown off. And by 1960, the building was so run down that the city had it condemned. But the remnants of what it was remained and a committee was eventually brought in to restore her to her former glory.

An Abandoned Mining Town in Ontario, Canada

Tumblr / sumnermckane

This old mining town on Silver Islet in Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada, was once said to have been abandoned around 1911. The town attracted miners in 1845, after a massive amount of silver was discovered. But mining the silver was difficult because of the turbulent waters of Lake Superior like ice surges, tidal waves, and storms that frequented the area.

But eventually, the miners retrieved about $3 million in silver by constructing a breakwater made of concrete and rock. But in 1883, a lack of money to keep the town running led to all mining operations ceasing and a couple of years later, the locals just left.

Marooned Ship in Roatan, Honduras

Instagram / nathanvantuyl

The Dixon Cove Wreck happened in the 1970s after the ship ran into a storm that pushed it deeper into the channel and stranded it there. Some unsubstantiated rumors claim that the ship was carrying marble. Others claim it had a cargo full of wood, which the crew attempted to unload to keep the ship from drowning but failed. A third rumor suggests that the ship was carrying another ship but when both caught on fire the crew had no choice but to abandon both vessels.

The Shipwreck of the SS America

Wikimedia Commons / SimonPepper / CC 3.0

The SS America was built in 1940 and had been used as a passenger ship for several decades. But in 1941, the Navy used the vessel but the crew was unaware that there were two undercover Nazi agents from the Duquesne Spy Ring. Luckily the FBI discovered them along with 31 other spies and convicted them. But in 1994, during its 100-day journey, the ship encountered a storm that left it wrecked and broken in half off the coast of the Canary Islands.

An Old Victorian House in San Francisco

Flickr/Wolfgang Schubert

Sandwiched between two homes is this abandoned Victorian house in San Francisco, California. The rooftop looks like it has seen better days and one of the windows appear to be broken. But this house still has plenty of potential as an airbnb or a writer’s retreat should a new owner decide to spruce the place up. The house even has its own garage. And the front yard would be a perfect spot to do some gardening once the lawn is mowed and the weeds are removed.

An Abandoned Beetle in Lagoon Beach, Milnerton, South Africa

Instagram / craighowes

It’s not known why this Beetle’s original owner decided to simply drive it to Lagoon Beach in Milnerton, South Africa, and abandon it there, but it happened. But some believe the owner may have driven the vehicle to the beach where the wheels got stuck in the wet sand. In this photo, there are fires beyond the shore that are reflected in the water on the surface of the shore. So, it’s more likely that they got stuck and decided to abandon the vehicle so they could run for their lives.

Michigan Central Station in Detroit

Flickr / chrisluckhardt

The Michigan Central Station in Detroit had replaced the original depot in the downtown area after a major fire forced it to shut down on December 26, 1913. Although the new station was not complete, it was put into service, and there were over 200 trains leaving the station daily by the start of World War I.

By World War II, the station was used primarily my military troops. But as cars became more popular, train traffic decreased. And by 1988, the station was shut down for good but Ford Motor Company bought the property in 2018 with plans to use the former station for their own benefit.

The Helensburgh Railway Tunnel in Australia

Instagram / William Patino

Today, the old Helensburgh railway tunnel in Australia is framed by trees, shrubs and a waterfall. But back in the early 20th century, it provided a safe passage for trains passing through the hill-like countryside. But the railway was abandoned in 1920 when the local government decided to build a new double lane for its steam locomotives in a brand new location. But visitors were still allowed to pay the old tunnel a visit until a couple of rotten apples decided to vandalize it.

Abandoned Hotel in Colombia

Wikimedia Commons / ArturoAparicio / CC 1.0

This may be hard to believe but this abandoned property in Bogota, Colombia, was once a well-kept and busy hotel surrounded by mountains in the horizon. But when the Bogota River was contaminated by industrial waste, the local authorities had failed to implement a plan to deal with the issue. This caused the number of visitors to dwindle in less than no time and the once popular hotel closed its doors for good. And this scary looking structure on the edge of a cliff is all that remains.

Abandoned Home in Nebraska


This abandoned home in the great state of Nebraska was photographed in 2015 just as lighting crackled above the night sky. This creepy looking image was actually taken by accident. The photographer had been sitting in his car snapping photos and didn’t realize until after he developed the photo that he had captured this eerie looking image that made the abandoned home seem like a supernaturally possessed haunted house.

Railroad Bridge in Pittsburgh

Reddit / UrinalCakes

This creepy looking abandoned railroad bridge in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is one of many in the area. The reason the railroad bridge was abandoned was because cars became everyone’s prefer mode of travel and travel by train became less popular. So, the city turned its back on these railroad bridges and without funding for proper maintenance, they fell into a state of disarray. And it would cost too much money to get them to function properly again.

Harley-Davidson Graveyard

Wordpress / youcanttouronasingle

The Harley-Davidson motorcycles in this photo belonged to the National Police of Puente Piedra in Lima, Peru. They were taken out of service because the department didn’t have the necessary budget to provide the proper maintenance. There was also a major issue ordering spare parts to fix these babies once they broke down.

So, in the end, a couple were auctioned off in bulk for $1,300 in order to take them apart in build one fully functional bike that could be sold for $12,000. The rest ended up in this Harley graveyard in Peru.

The Oldest British Warship in the Great Lakes

YouTube / shipwreckworld

In 1780, a British warship named H.M.S. Ontario sank in the Great Lakes area, but it wasn’t found until 2008 around the Niagara and Rochester areas in New York. Surprisingly enough this ship, which has been dubbed the oldest British Warship discovered in the Great Lakes, had remained intact for the most part.

But 35 years before the ship was found, a man named Jim Kennard had started looking for the ship that sank during a storm several centuries earlier. It’s said that 130 crew members died that day. But it wasn’t until Kennard teamed up with Dan Scoville that they were able to find the Ontario in just three years.

Abandoned House of a Bulgarian Industrialist

Reddit / _omin0us | Joro Hadjiev

Pencho Semov became the first Bulgarian billionaire in his country by working in banking and trading. And naturally, he wanted to live in a mansion so he bought this property. But two years before he passed away, he started in his will that he wanted the mansion to be converted into a retirement home. Sadly, his wishes did not come to fruition after he died in 1945. Instead, the Bulgarian government turned the mansion into a tuberculosis ward to treat the infected.

The Last House on Holland Island

Flickr / baldeaglebluff / CC 2.0

It’s hard to imagine that this is the last house in Holland Island given that the area had 360 residents and was a highly populated island in Chesapeake Bay back in 1910. Aside from homes, the island also had a church, a school, shops, and several homes. Unfortunately, erosion started eating the island away, so in 1914, the locals tried using stones to create a wall to keep the island from eroding.

But the wall failed to do its job. So, most residents tore their home down and moved away. Then, a tropical storm damaged the church in 1918 and the church shut its doors by 1922. Finally, in 1995, a man spent 15 years trying to save the island, but in the end, this old home was all that remained.

Russian Shipwreck in the Red Sea

Alamy Stock

This mysterious shipwreck was found in 1988 and it's believed to be a fishing trawler called Khanka. According to researchers, the Khanka was one of several fishing trawlers that the Russians used for communication and surveillance missions.

This certainly seemed to be the case since there was evidence of electronic gadgets and communication equipment and other forms of spy gadgets onboard. But it’s not the only shipwreck found at the bottom of the Red Sea. This was just the only one dubbed the Russian Wreck.